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    What is the main reason for this bull market

    PayPal really contributed to the recent bull run, when such an institution is integrating digital currency on their platform, it creates an awareness and the impact is what we are seeing now which will not end soon.
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    What were the precursors of Bitcoin?

    This article should give a pretty comprehensive overview of Bitcoin's foundational predecessors and building blocks: Hashcash's PoW is an important part of Bitcoin's history but it actually goes even deeper than that
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    What the future holds for bitcoin

    Bitcoin is financial freedom. When people learn to use it it is certain that they continue to trade for various purposes. They will probably always have Bitcoin in their wallet. Why not take advantage of the fact that it is the first active crypto in the market to make it more usable?. While we...
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    Notorious Coinbase holding my bitcoins in name of 'Review' | Be careful

    Not your key not your coin, just go noncustodial next time. So far you do not hold your private key, shit can happen like freezing of account. You would have just transferred your bitcoin to no-kyc exchange now and transfer your coin/exchanged coin back to the noncustodial wallet now.
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    What to answer when asked "Can I make money mining bitcoin?"

    it depends on a lot of factors. it starts from the electricity bill but also it could be affected by bitcoin price too. for instance even if you didn't have the cheapest electricity during 2017 you could still make a ton of profit mining bitcoin since the price constantly kept going up. so when...
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    Bitcoin shoots past $19,000 as new ATH awaits

    I disagree with your opinion crypto market right now is much more strong compare to what we have way back 2017. If Bitcoin for example reach all time high this is only mean Bitcoin deserve to be there it's been a long time for us to see it in that price . In addition there are many big company...
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    How has COVID-19 affected the Bitcoin space?

    maybe he hasn't had time to check it yet because he's just entered this forum indeed Covid 19 is a topic that is always being raised. I think everyone is aware of the connection between covid 19 and cryptocurrency. although not all of it because of covid 19. there are still many supporting...
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    EHrT (8Hours) - The next-gen ENJ-DeFi to go 100x Profit

    With DeFi wave coming, this is the best opportunity to buy EHrT for the next wave
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    If so, then I made a purchase, I'm afraid the foundation tokens will be sent to Binance and then sold later and why should this be sent to Binance, of course many are panicking and this can be assumed that the Matic team mass-sold the matic to Binance so many are panic so many are selling at low...
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    Using SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT and <sig> <G> CHECKSIG as the output script (i.e. the tx that spends it is already defined by the signature in the output) would be a more generic (albeit less space efficient) way of doing such a covenant, and ANYPREVOUT incidentally also makes malleability a non-issue...
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    The next crypto to explode - Sentivate

    Regular web + decentralized web = sentivate? And,,, how many users other than you? Show me one use case and example you use every day in real life. TRON sold itself as Web 3.0 remember? Fully decentralized web. And then it went on that weird spree signing up with porn and buying lunch with...
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    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    I just bought a whole lot of $BNBs today at $0.57. I'm hoping for the moon. I think this coin will go past Jupiter because of NEO, and also because it's a Chinese exchange. Considering the population of China, it's not too far fetched to think that this coin won't be worth $300 million by the...
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    Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoins?

    Most websites mentioned on that list didn't offer affiliate marketing except for crypto job list, most of them are freelance job listing. Though, I didn't used them yet.
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    The impact is the future, and what we could do with it. Right now it is quite important to realize that many things we build are still handmade, obviously we use machines for everything to build them but there are people working in factories, there are very few rare places that requires no...
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    SOLO MINING - can i be bamboozled?

    You can't "redirect" a block; it is found at a particular address and can't be changed.