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    Planning on sell my watch collection online, how could I offer BTC payment?

    I 'm planning on selling my watch collection and i would like to offer the possibility of paying in bitcoins, even at a lower price, since I will use the money to buy them anyways. Also is more attractive for me to get paid this way because I don't have to worry about maybe having to explain to...
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    Predict the price and win BTC

    Hey guys, Found this on the gambling board and think it could be valuable for some of the better traders here! The winner can win up to $300 - pretty big! Here is the link:
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    Bitcoin address management

    Hello! Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of bitcoin address management and would appreciate any good resource (I've been through the Bitcoin wiki etc, but still can't answer my questions). The main point I'd like to understand is the linkage...
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    People Say btc is Not ponzi but its look like ponzi

    How anyone who Say Can proof Bitcoin is not ponzi? There is More proof and evidence that it is ponzi. I Don't mind If its ponzi but i Don't want to exit too late but not too early so When is best time to exit?
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    Why criminals prefer cash (Fiat) on top of crypto?

    Actually now a days I do believe that most of the people know about bitcoins , therefore if a person is planning something illegal he would certainly think about all the ways he can get it done perfectly. Unfortunately fiat is most likely the biggest reason of corruption , the untraceable...
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    Uk covid update

    We all knew there would be multiple waves of Covid-19. But is it that bad? I dunno where our economy is heading..
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    Boris is right a second lockdown could cripple UK economy.

    UK has got around 38K covid-19 cases on regular basis. With this Boris coming up with the statement of lockdown crippling the economy is true. Already governments suffer a lot to recover from the economic downfall. In my country we've got more than 80k covid-19 cases regularly. Our Prime...
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    Economic Privileges as Hostage: How it could Push Countries Toward China

    Considering apple is moving to India a bit, other nations trying to find manufacturing places in India, Belgium, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many more like that will eventually start to hurt China. China already made so much money that they could just invest that into other nations and get money...
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    Real estate vs. Bitcoin

    Real estate could be deflationary in nature similar to bitcoin. Real estate development and construction have not maintained pace with population growth, making real estate scarce(r) in supply. The main bottleneck preventing real estate from appreciating in value is wealth and wage inequality...
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    Food prices doubled this year

    There is an existing price freeze on the essential goods not just on foods but as well as health products to cover up fighting back against covid-19 specially on alcohol at the first months of the pandemic to let people still be able to purchase goods since most of the people are on low budget...
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    Will bailouts become more frequent?

    1989 - savings and loans bailout 2008 - banks bailout 2020 - covid19 bailout aka wall street bailout bailouts get bigger every time. But will they become more frequent?? Do we need more bailouts to bailout the aftermath of the previous bailouts?
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    Quiz to Judge How Likely is Your Crypto Going to be Hacked

    Hello everyone! We just created a tool for users to judge how secure their Crypto is against Hackers and get a detailed analysis for the same. Would love to have the community feedback -