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    Need some help with recovering one of my old wallets

    It's been a while since I've been a part of the bitcoin project. Got extremely bitter after Gox collapsed since I had 90% of my holdings on there. After a recent attic cleaning, I found my old drive, which is supposed to have the other 10% (I believe it was in the thousands of bitcoins...
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    Impact of BTC mining Pools

    BTC is now a digital core asset. Saw in some posts that large mining pools now control mining and they ensure 50% + attack not happening. 1.)As a matter of risk mitigation,if some government/non government hackers cut of mining pools from network through internet disruption 2.)Physical...
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    JSON-RPC step-by-step, help?

    You need to change your rpcpassword to something random, and you should do the same for your rpcuser as well. If you don't, you will get robbed if you have any coin in your wallet used by bitcoin core.
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    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    Why do you need to download whole Bitcoin Blockchain? If you don't plan to run Bitcoin full node or only want to have a Bitcoin wallet, you could use SPV wallet such as Electrum. On a side note, your idea is called UTXO commitment. You need to look for people who share Bitcoin's blockchain on...
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    Thoughts on new ATH

    My prediction is its gonna be near its previous ATH and if got lucky it can surpass 20k level. Im sure many have think of the same, and keep buying. Maybe it sound fomo but even with pandemic the market started to recover and continue to increase from its all time crash last 4months. With...
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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    Definitely true, people using digital currency will give them the benefit and ease of transacting payments without physical cash. While this one is great, physical cash will not go obsolete. However, CBDC on most countries like chinese digital yuan, japanese yen, and other experimented digital...
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    EarnBet making its own gaming ecosystem . So what does this mean for $BET ??

    $BET is the native platform token of EarnBet which powers the Dividend system available in the platform . It is a really low supply token with a good ROI on dividends paid in BTC and ETH . But when it come to price the token is still at a 7 Cent mark with a really low MCap . With the recent...
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    If Recession Kicks In, How Will Bitcoin Perform?

    Hello Everyone, I guess I am just being curious here. Bitcoin was born after the 2008 recession in which many Bitcoin loyalists have argued that Bitcoin was born to cushion the effect of a possible future recession. What are your prediction and analysis concerning the digital asset if for any...
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    How would I start an investment fund that invests in small businesses?

    It would be a fund, like an ETF or REIT that invests in small businesses. I would create the team and business that buys and runs small businesses such as restaurants and local shops. I have a lot of experience running a small business and would like the capital to buy and run many of them...
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    Are all BTC addresses really unique?

    Say I open an Electrum wallet, I get BTC addresses belonging to it and they are supposed to be totally unique. But say at the same time another person at the other end of the globe opens an Exodus wallet, who is to say he will not have 1 or more exact same addresses in his new wallet as me? I...
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    Mining taxes

    I heard that the government is starting to take taxes from big miners. At a company, if you invest/buy equipment you would buy it tax-free, however you will have to pay for the taxes of your income. Do the big miners get their mining equipment tax-free? Because they still need to pay income...
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    Which are real scenario where HASHSIG_NONE and HASHSIG_SINGLE are used?
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    BTC sent and confirmed but not received

    Hi everyone! It was my first time to use BTC so I don't know how to solve this problem. I hope someone can help me regarding this. I sent btc to this BTC Account Number 19y4mh48pnvJpzCr4ho8DYXkZKCEAU1tAE as a payment but it says its not yet received. Can someone help me?
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    I get exactly 21.000.000 coins.

    IIRC PHP dynamically converts between types as it sees fit (like JavaScript), which is for example why you can concatenate numbers like you would concatenate strings (eg. 1 . 2 = 12). For numbers this means that PHP will use integers or (double) floating point numbers depending on the operation...
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    Need a List of Good Online Marketplaces

    This is one of the most famous online marketplaces around the clear net so you may want to check it out. And we also have this ( Darkweb? Not everyone delved or even dare to go and explore it. So I'm pretty sure you won't get any...