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    What is good amount to start day trading is 100$ enough??

    There really isn't an answer to the question "how many". If you're trading quite blindly, it's possible to lose every time you trade, but it's also possible to win every time you trade. Since you've experienced trading, you should know what are the reasons you lost right? Starting from the wrong...
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    DEX : what features you want in it

    There are a lot of benefits that we can get from any decentralized exchanges *Low trading fees: however this will also matter of we want fast transactions or not (high fees=fast transaction) but still depending on the network traffic. *Security: no third-party involve *Easy to manage asset: we...
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    Your strategy in taking profit

    1. I have been doing mostly BTC and ETH futures trading, not spot trading for now, Lately I have been trading more with ETH because of it's volatilty as compared to BTC 2. Mine is a day to day basis depending on how the market moves. 3. Honestly, the crypto tax part is still a grey area from...
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    Difference Stock Trading and BTC trading

    Stocks are less volatile but cryptos are highly volatile,so if someone who is an expert of stocks trading will really struggle here in cryptos.Technical analysis in the crypto trading is not much effective as in stocks. And while doing crypto trading we may not have enough data to find how the...
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    Best Exchange for day trade?

    Exchanges are on this board Better do some readings and make your own choice.
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    Hire Crypto Trader

    Why you should have a crypto trader instead of trade on your own? Getting tired to make trade why not use the copy trading like the e-toro it's the same but you do not need to pay other people just to make a trade, also it's not good if you are getting dependent to a person who makes a trade on...
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    Stock/Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Trader

    They are basically similar in the sense that they involve price prediction or betting on price. I guess in all three you can buy & sell for short-term profits, exchange one currency/stock for another, hold for longterm gains, have similar charts for trading etc. Learning to trading either of...
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    I don't suggest you to do it, especially if you plan to buy BTC and hold it on your own wallet. I traded there in the past and it's very risky, not to mention the possibility of price manipulation is high since who knows where they get the price feed. Unless you want to gamble as mentioned...
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    I never use this exchange but commonly I saw their ads that always pop up on my Facebook page, they actively have ads there. If you meant that worthwhile to trade, I probably say yes, but trusting them to let my fund sleep on their wallet. I will not do that, and I will not trust any exchange...
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    best trading sites?

    Check the cmc whats is the top 5 exchanger...the top 5 exchanger is a most good trading cause a big volume and more traders are online. To newbie much better the firts u see in the market is a volume of btc and usd.. And do not buy coin or token has low volume.. Low volume = shitcoins. Try...
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    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    As long they find on both of them. Then, choosing on the list was no a problem at all. Everyone has their own strategy and method investment, Person A could be said holding is the good option but Person B could be trading a good investment too. As long they know what are they are doing, not...
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    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    If we are talking about the volume and top exchange, than we easily find it as Binance exchange is better than the bittrex exchange. Bittrex is a good exchange but binance is a top level exchange for trading and investment
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    Coin Shilling Question

    Can't say much about media houses influence but that of social media has major influence on the market as I have witnessed it first half. I was hired to managed a supposenly new DeFi related project but later discovered I was just been hired to shilled their project. The host group I was added...
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    What actually makes a token pump?

    Using this ideology in the case of DIA, what do you think is the problem with the downturn price in the market and they have partnership trooping in almost every week
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    Giveaway threads are not allowed

    I agree with the decision, please, the point of the Alt Coin section of Bitcointalk was so that you could have basic conversation about whatever coins you wanted here. Things like in depth coin support and discussion, and giveaways are far better off on their own respective coin's forum. Its...