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    What is the main reason for this bull market

    Don't you know about Bitcoin halving or some positive news about crypto investment? Although there are many other factors, these can be good reasons for the current bullish in the market. Bitcoin halving is one of the strong reasons, in my oipinon. If you learned the halving history in Bitcoin...
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    What were the precursors of Bitcoin?

    If I remember correctly everything started form Bittorrent or rather torrents to be clear. Now Bittorent was taken over by some guys from Tron foundation. A P2P communication protocol like BitTorrent breaks down the files into pieces and moves them from uploaders (seeders) to downloaders...
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    What the future holds for bitcoin

    Bitcoin has a steady progress in mass adoption and recently Bitcoin ETF has been legally approve by the proposal of NASDAQ. This should gain more exposure to Cryptocurrency, and fuel a next major bull run. It's better to accumulate now while the price is still affordable, because we know bitcoin...
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    Notorious Coinbase holding my bitcoins in name of 'Review' | Be careful

    But how can you sell from non-custodian wallets? Most of my coins are in hardware wallets. But I was planning to sell some btc to take advantage of this bull run but because of this crap Coinbase I can't Is there any other way to buy/sell without using exchange?
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    What to answer when asked "Can I make money mining bitcoin?"

    With the recent bitcoin block halving, it's really hard to make profits mining bitcoin unless you do own a huge mining farms. For average joe like us, hard to imagine how can you make money. You already mentioned things to consider, so I guess the answer is no. You can look at this table here...
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    I Am Emotional after seeing this Rally

    Don't get emotional yet, you haven't seen what's the full and the peakiest that this rally can make. At least those strong hands that bought in the peak of 2017 and held until now, can have at least recover a bit from their losses. That's only possible if they've held and didn't sold for 2...
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    Where will it be by the end of this run?

    Gun to my head, if Bitcoin goes on a zoomy run like the 5-10 times it has in the past, I'd say that it zooms up to the 80k-120k zone before dropping down. Perhaps settling in the 50k area. Please don't base any investment decisions on this, I don't know anything Just for funsies.
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    Cloud mining with OXBTC

    Just to think that even you do mine on your own neither with an ASIC or GPU! Its not already profitable. How much more into these days? Im not even sure if those top Cloudmining companies like HF and Genesis clients or users are making money upto now? I doubt that. Also, its not really that easy...
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    The Bitcoin protocol shouldn't be specified by invitation private meetings. Typical consensus rule changes usually take a couple years to mature. By trying to fast track things you are doing exactly what hearn did with bloom filters. I hope Bitcoin has matured to the point that when someone...
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    Best Altcoin to Invest

    You can find here some of the best exchange where you can trade altcoins there's too many best altcoins to mention I think you can have your own research about it also you should know what kind of investor you're gonna be long term investor? or just...
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    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    I see in BNB coinmarketcap not yet enter the exchanger, is it true? Can any one give me a link thread ann or link the website?
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    I need 5 sources of revenue to generate $200 each per month - Ideas?

    $200 per month isn't something big, it's achievable. But as I understand, you have limited time that you can spend and it's a problem. Bloggin can be an option, but it requires lot of time and you should be a good writer. It's not an easy task to build website from scratch, you also need to...
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    SOLO MINING - can i be bamboozled?

    You are throwing your money away by solo mining. Go back to PPS mining and actually make some money.
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    solo mining probability

    Bitcoin Mining Calculator Summary Days to generate one block mining solo: 9767.15 Day(s) (can vary greatly depending on your luck) Days to generate one BTC: 781.37 Day(s) (can vary greatly depending on the current exchange rates)...
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    Just hit 5.5 PH, & on our way to 8.3 within the month

    Would you tell us what pool are you using, and why?