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    What is the main reason for this bull market

    Number 2 and 3 should definitely be the reason for the bull market now if we have observed that the world is in a pandemic. We should be excited for the bull market and not show any pessimism as we were in a bear market for three years counting.
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    btc transaction fee is way too much and btc transactions are way too slow

    to exchnge btc to fiat is still expensive and doing transactions with btc is expenive also . to exchnage btc into fiat is allready very expensive and transactions also expensive.... to use fiat curreny its cheaper right now lets look the facts
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    Shadow of Destruction over Bitcoin

    When the price dip down to $3,200 I have already doubted that it might just go back to less than $1000. But then it started to green again. The crypto bear market started without yet the covid19 pandemic. Its amazing how BTC price increased instead while the virus are killing and businesses are...
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    Bitcoin and crypto currencies are getting dangerous

    I only consider centralized exchanges viable for traders. There isn't really any DEX you can go through that lets you reliably daytrade, so it's the only remaining option. If you're willing to focus completely on privacy and freedom, then go for a DEX instead but don't be surprised if you don't...
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    What to answer when asked "Can I make money mining bitcoin?"

    Mining profitability always depends on the Electricity rate if you are not living in countries you mention above but you have an Electricity rate of below 0.1 you can make money and profit but the ROI will take too long to reach. Try to use this tool to find ASIC miner below to find which one...
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    I Am Emotional after seeing this Rally

    Not everyone is greedy. Some people are okay if they make away with a little profit. Also, you're only saying this because the price just went about $19k. What would you have said if it was rather crashing to $1k? That those who sold in 2017 were smart? Truth is, just make away with what you've...
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    EarnBet making its own gaming ecosystem . So what does this mean for $BET ??

    I like those dividends tokens but I'll choose even better like Tezos and NEO and other staking coins that I can easily earn without worrying if their service will go out of service. The gaming community is upgrading from time to time and there will be no forever players that will stay or if...
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    Transaction Confirmations & Accelerator | How it works ?

    the correct term to use instead of "accelerate" is "prioritize". how do they work? imagine a self driving car that can only seat 5 passengers. if there are 1 or 2, .... or 5 people requesting those seats they can all fit in the car and not even pay anything. now if there were 6 passengers a...
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    The next crypto to explode - Sentivate

    Is not it the same? even you have mentioned the decentralized web but basically this service was almost the same. IMO if this project has a lot of potential and then this should have already popular among the crypto users too. At leas this coin has already traded in some good exchange sites...
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    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    You can buy it at
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    I need 5 sources of revenue to generate $200 each per month - Ideas?

    Based on the foregoing, I would suggest that Trading is still the best bet and you are not the only one in this situation. Several people work 40 hours a week which makes setting up another line of business difficult at the same time signature campaigns cannot be counted upon because of the...
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    SOLO MINING - can i be bamboozled?

    Sorry to say but ja -- for at least over a year now, 61THs just cannot be counted on to make money when ran Solo. Of course another point to be made is um, since serious $$ is involved you should be running the gear as a business! At least in the US the cost of equipment is a deductible...
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    solo mining probability

    coinwarz can help you to calculate your probability and your chance with your hardware and of course the electricity that you should paid. i think you need to make the calculation first before you decide to start mining so you can predict how much you can gain the profit and how much the loss...
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    Miners: What kind of fee information do you see on our transactions?

    It changes hourly or daily. Long term data isn't relevant, it's what's happening in the last few hours that decides your fee requirements to get confirmed quickly (or slowly).
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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    An increase of demand for online payment system or digital currencies is happening, but that doesn't mean that paper money will be surpassed on its demand as even how successful the online world, majority are still using paper money for their daily needs. Yes, the world is evolving but it does...