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    Why do whales move Bitcoin around from wallet to wallet?

    Many of those whales are probably businesses. Reasons for moving? Can be a few: - consolidating the inputs - move some big funds to cold wallet - move funds out of cold wallet because of some withdrawals (move part to another address in the cold wallet, another part to withdrawal and another...
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    Companies that allow adult ads?

    what is jucey ads support payment use bitcoin, 2 year latter iam play jucey ads but not support payment use bitcoin only use paypal or this now , open new rule and support payment use bitcoin
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    TAKE A TEST — Which cryptocurrency are you? ₿

    Bulls eye! Ever since I am bitcoin fanatic. Its funny to see that I always rely on faith even in real life P.S. Those words that describes me are no doubt self encouraging.
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    Does Currency Value Falls During Recession?

    A recession could be a successive decline in GDP growth per capita; this is where the economy drops over more than one period (usually quarterly). It could also be due to negative sentiments due to vincibility of one or more economic factors and indicators. If there is a drop in GDP growth...
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    Richest BTC addresses can easily create whale alerts everyday

    Maybe it would move the price by a few dollars if there are bots that are monitoring these whale alerts or traders who do so, but generally most people understand that it isn't reliable, just because coins are moved doesn't mean they will be dumped, and because it can be potentially used to...
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    Prediction the future price of USD

    Can you gave us the link? Because as far as I know, PPI obviously fell last month because of the pandemic. And even if US has a net plus PPI last month or this coming month, we haven't see any positive reaction from the market. US Index numbers are not near pre-pandemic. It might take some time...
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    If you have agricultural land would you sell it or hold it ?

    HOLD! If you can hold it for 2+ years then it should do pretty well. If other industries fail then you still have something for yourself providing you have the money to use it (if that's your intention). Now probably isn't a good time to sell and it'll probably be best to sell when the markets...
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    How is this possible ? A Recent transaction suddenly becomes invalid

    You should have wait for at least 1 confirmation unless you trust the guy. This is what happened in my guess: - The guy sent coins to an address A which he owns and the fees were less of course - He then sent the coins from the address A, and the coins of the address A (input)were not confirmed...
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    Historical prices of bitcoin

    price history seem to indicate its going to keep climbing. if you are not a holder, the best thing to do is just keep looking for opportunities and forsee when its going to drop because almost every time, BTC drops giving everyone a chance. just like today when Bitmex founder Hayes got arrested...
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    Enough is enough! Good bye Bitcoin!

    I think a lot of people will have your problem with kyc and I don't know why coinbase set the bar so low... In the UK, you can do trades without verifying identity up to £13000 cash in hand and it's perfectly legal, you try to buy $20 in bitcoin online and then you got problems/have to wait for...
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    Why do people avoid bitcoin?

    Using Bitcoin isn't that easy. There are some drawbacks. If you need to send somebody money and choose Bitcoin for this purpose, you need to buy it the first. And the recipient will have to cash out Bitcoin. And don't forget about Bitcoin high volatility.
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    Bitcoin is a new investment

    Bitcoin investment isn't a way of earning money in the short term. People can make passive income through crypto trading quickly but there is no surety. For trading successfully they need to obtain good knowledge about crypto market. It's not an easy task. If people facing economical problem for...
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    Bitcoin and taxes buying goods and items with btc tax free

    in russia the people who deal with cryptocurreny should do the money transactions out of russia in russia they should only hold crypto in their wallets lo
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    TradingKlaus - Have I been scammed ?

    Hello friend, because of what I just read, believe me it was a scam from afar because a platform that asks you for money to be able to withdraw a fund that you already have is suspicious because one thing is that they ask you for the KYC that money
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    Covid-19 and Bitcoin

    No, if bitcoin price rise caused by this pandemic... Bitcoin will bullish since January until now, but its not since on March-April Bitcoin got dump (<$8000). Online payment is one of Bitcoin aspect, IMO majority not use it as online payment because the adoption is still not massive... majority...