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    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    Or you could a VPN and change your location for the steam to whatever place is the cheapest, then pay with Bitcoins, with no need of a middleman
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    Where to sell casascius coin?

    Did you post photos and start off with a realistic price? If nothing else, the regular dealers are likely to have put in a bid for it. Someone will be along soon to suggest Ebay. There's no way I'd have to balls to do that myself but they do go for significantly more there
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    One of the key questions is whether you deal with USD or EUR. If you do then add a few million dollars extra for licencing and compliance. And even if you remain alt only it's likely similar regulations will eventually descend on you. It's the type of idea that seems cool until you start...
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    Where to start?

    Practice making quality posts. And in the signature campaigns, most of the campaigns are only accepting ranks from hr. member and above, if you're still a newbie, you better wait for your activity to update. Then, choose a campaign in altcoin marketplace>bounty thread that you like. Fill up the...
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    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    Besides GoFundMe, there are also other alternative sites where you can start a fundraising campaign for your friend. Here are some of them: 1) Fundly - This fundraising site is designed for all causes, including health and medical support, education and school grants, pet and animal welfare and...
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    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    As long as there is not a big demand to guarantee that then business will not start accepting bitcoin, business are created to make money so if there was a lot of bitcoin users wanting to share bikes then you can be sure the owners will be pushing for bitcoin adoption, but since that is not the...
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    (Gauging Interest)"lowkey" stylish bitcoin apparel

    Definitely, and in those cases, we would love to work with the actual developers for a mutually beneficial partnership. It will, of course, be ultimately decided by interest
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    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    As long as they are not lying in the sales description, then what has it got to do with you? Nobody is forcing buyers to get them and they'll probably stay unsold for many years. You don't know if the person selling now overpaid for them and is just trying to recoup some money back
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    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    There's no free in this world and its bit shaddy for the site to have a freebies to their user since they might gonna lose their profits if they do that, Rememher those site who gives free might surely have a bad agenda and seems you as poster of this information have link nor maybe i think your...
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    Projects you should start, we need!

    These are good ideas. We surely need these businesses accepting Bitcoins and AltCoins. I would add that we need a site like Aliexpress accepting Bitcoins, not small online shop sites, like there are already some, but a real big one that have all the kinds of stuff to buy and negotiate with...
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    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    Single point of failure attack is serious cons, all attacker need to do either : 1. Take control over server to give malicious application or information 2. Launch DoS attack to prevent user know important update. This is really dangerous when it's combined with social engineering (such as fake...
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    Purpose of anyone can pay transaction

    Can't the donors use a SIGHASH_SINGLE signature ? Why do we need to use such a feature, I mean why don't we (just) create a transaction with inputs from all the donors that they sign afterwards ? Edit : I'll point my friend to this thread so that he can describe what he did, and what he tries...
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    Read and convert UTXO to normal view!

    first of all, a public key (according to the agreed upon standard) must start with 0x04 if it is uncompressed, and 0x02 or 0x03 if it is compressed. yours doesn't start with either. additionally that is not the public key of the private key you posted. the correct public key is...
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    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    i am from 3rd world, so its not expensive once the box is built, its just cheap electricity that matters and it gives me hope. edit: the main struggle is keeping electricity on 24x7 and keeping internet on. as the power outages are common. yes, i have that one too in my list and one which is...
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    Number of connections

    NO, you are making this more complex! If you just specify maxconnections=1 it wouldn't make any sense at all, what I thought was you were adding just 1 connection apart from the minimum 8 connections. If your node connects to only 1 other node connection it doesn't function as a full node at all...