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    What is good amount to start day trading is 100$ enough??

    You don't have to have 100$ before you can start trading, some platforms accept ten dollars as minimum deposits but crypto exchanges accepts any small deposit and you can jump into trading right away
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    DEX : what features you want in it

    You mean Binance Centralized exchange? Most of DEX are the same but they lack something liquidity and good volume with a very low fees. Uniswap has good volume and liquidity but it has a huge fees, Binance DEX has very low fees almost nothing but the projects listed on it have few activity there...
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    Your strategy in taking profit

    1. I don't want to tell you about what coin because that will be my secret. But I will say that bitcoin, ethereum will be the biggest coins to take the profit. 2. I don't use a stable coin to trade, but I use a stable coin to save the value of my money. I will use the stable coin to buy bitcoin...
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    Difference Stock Trading and BTC trading

    The fundamental difference is that when you are buying a stock you are buying into that company, so you believe that the company you picked will be doing better in the future so that it is shares would go up, if the company doesn't do well that means the stock price will not do well neither...
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    FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform

    I've been curious about their leveraged BULL/BEAR tokens, which are similar to 3x ProShares UltraPro ETFs you find for commodities and stock indices. Any idea about VPN policy? They don't allow US customers but Tier 1...
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    Can i start forex with no risk of money?

    Think about this statement for a few seconds: "Trading without zero risk". Doesn't it sound completely BS and unrealistic? It's a statement mostly used by scammers. If zero-risk trading was possible then you'd possibly be the richest person on earth, even surpassing mega-billionaires like Jeff...
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    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    I don`t think that it`s a good idea to use bots to automate trading.Jusy learn more,practice and trade manually.Bots are for lazy people who want easy money and, in the end, they end up losing everything. Good luck with trading OP
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    Best Exchange for day trade?

    Would like to ask on what exchange you do trade? Im not too familiar about Livecoin since im not trading it. Usually i do trade on poloniex im not sure if theres livecoin on there i havent still checked yet. Seeing on the fees its really ridiculous it will really hurt you up specially when you...
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    Hire Crypto Trader

    I thought I had already seen everything, but here is another thing that will make people lose money. If you can get that person to run your crypto signal group, do you intend to keep charging the members of the crypto group and you will also tell the members that you are not doing the technical...
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    Stock/Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Trader

    I can't tell the difference since honestly I haven't traded on stocks but I think it has to do with the volatility of crypto market though there's a volatility also on stocks market too but I think crypto has huge volatility and the difference on how the market is, stocks is huge crypto is not...
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    Its up to you but knowing options then i do consider it as a gamble rather than a trade.It would be much better if you do spot trading instead rather than with binary options or future trading but if you can handle out the risk then proceed and also im not sure if those price tickers on IQ are...
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    I don't suggest you to do it, especially if you plan to buy BTC and hold it on your own wallet. I traded there in the past and it's very risky, not to mention the possibility of price manipulation is high since who knows where they get the price feed. Unless you want to gamble as mentioned...
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    best trading sites?

    Bitfinex is the most professional crypto exchange. And it let to buy USD for hedge feasibility. But there are just blockchain infrastructal currencies. I like binance exchange too.
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    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    If you have what it takes to be part of the 5% that is winning in trading then trading is probably a good option for you. Trading is all about patience and continous learning, if you can't do that, then go hold.
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    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    I have not used Bittrex for a long time, probably about a year, so I do not know how the exchange looks now and whether its functionality has changed. But I always liked Binance Exchange more, although earlier its design was inferior to Bittrex, but they fixed it. As for the functionality...