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    Bitcoin for thesis?

    Could it be possible for a bitcoin to become a thesis? I mean its a way of spreading awareness of btc. What do you think?
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    Hi all, i need some help with my Thesis

    Hi all so here is my story, I decided to do my Thesis on the profitability of mining for bitcoin in the country i live. I already knew the answer before i started but i thought it would be an interesting project. For my research i decided to buy an antminer s5 and began my mining journey. After...
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    Bitcoin Security vs Quantum Computing

    I read an article recently again claiming that within a few years, quantum computers will be easily able to crack BTC encryption: Any thoughts on the above?
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    ONE (Harmony) good to invest

    Hi guys what do u think about ONE (Harmony) good to invest ? do u think it can hit 500 sat like MATIC ?
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    Submit article and Get 25 XRP per article

    Hello All, I am inviting content writers for my cryptocurrency blog. I am giving away 25 XRP per article submitted related to cryptocurrency or the blockchain on my blog If you are interested, Please PM me or Contact at
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    bitextrum exchange?

    Why don't you just do it and see what happens? As long as you don't install or download anything from them or deposit or use a wallet that already has crypto in it then you should be fine. I'm very interested in how this scam works. The scammer must want you to deposit and some point in time for...
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    Releasing new NFCT collection!

    To be honest you can do anything with NFTs , the only limitation is your imagination A few ideas - 1. Have NFTs that you collect/ buy but have a ‘ closing date ‘ - ie, you can get them but they only last 1week/month etc and then are burned. 2. Like example above , but have an ‘opening date’ ...
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    Internet shutdowns by governments are bad for corporate marketing

    While there is not doubt that such a thing will affect business negatively if the Internet was out just for a few hours then most likely this was not the result of some kind of desire from the government to stall communications over the Internet and most likely there was something wrong within...
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    Would you lend your cryptocurrencies?

    You said that it has a very low risk because you don't do something and you earn interest right? But here's the twist, you let your cryptos sit on those platforms for a long period of time. And what if something wrong happens to that platform? I'm not wishing about it but it usually happens that...
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    solo mining probability

    hi all. i know that im not the only one askin for that but just want to make sure what i read is right. i would like to know whats probability/chance or how long would it take for me to solve a block ? like if i run 2ths 24/7 whats probability to solve block in a week...month year ? i saw...