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    Changing Bitcoin subsidy algorithm

    I love Bitcoin, and I love how it is working. However there is one point that I think is a mistake. The subsidy algorithm. It seems that in 2010 when Bitcoin was almost abandoned or run by a few, the modélisation of the subsidy from gold mining was making sense. Gold mining has a finite...
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    Bitcoin fueling to launch to the moon anytime soon.

    BTC I was reading some sentiments regarding BTC on twitter, some wanted to jump out of the ship, but I was think of BTC last ATH. Before it, price was below $11K...and now price was near similar to all I've been thinking and doing is praying/chanting. "JUST KEEP MOVING...NO STOPPING"...
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    Encrypt a message using Bitcoin Public Key and decrypt with private key?Like PGP

    It's possible using Electrum's console. But it's not necessary to use your private key for decryption. If you want to try, let's just use this address' public key: 1HZwkjkeaoZfTSaJxDw6aKkxp45agDiEzN (leaked brainwallet address)...
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    How to export entire bitcoin blockchain into database

    Check this one and maybe this is the one you are looking for. You can get Bitcoin Blocks, Transactions, Inputs, Outputs, Addresses on the specific date. Just extract them after you download the extension file after you extract is .tsv where you can open it with Microsoft Excel. Here's the...
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    Thoughts on new ATH

    I'm not sure we'll reach a new ATH any time soon. And probably that sort of sudden, meteoric rise is not desirable anyway as it wouldn't be sustainable. It is probably better to have a slow, steady rise... that way we avoid the huge downturn like we saw in 2018. So I would hope that when we do...
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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    I think it changed to positive for the use of digital currency. Lately since covid-19 has been taking over the world, there has been uprising use of bitcoin and this is one big reason that bitcoin has been going up even when many think its price could be going down. The digital currency is now...
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    who else think Litecoin will go huge?

    litecoin current price VS bitcoin is about 1 LTC = 0.0067 BTC who else think litecoin will go up huge in the near future?
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    Soul shout

    I am so sick of people. Doing stuff that they don't understand. They try to beat the "coin" on a long one (as we know, the stock market is growing on average, but currencies behave quite randomly). Why can't they put off most of their scholarship at 18-22, then up to 26 most of their salary...
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    New project: SwapSpace – Crypto Metaexchange. Features and Ideas

    Hello! I’m happy to announce the project we have been working on since August. ( is a crypto instant exchange aggregator. We gather crypto exchanges with the best ever rates, compare them on-screen and present the exchange options to the customers in a simple...
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    MultiSig address based on the same repeated public key

    For some test purposes I have created the 7/10 multisig address based on the same public key repeated 10 times (the same public key was used 10 times rather than 10 different). For the release condition I used 7 signatures. I transferred small amount to this address, but now can not release it...
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    Increasing Zero towards unreachable difficulty ?

    As I understand, with increasing difficulty, miners are trying to find hashes with less Zero in the left. Now, will not there be a stage when all will be zero or even before all become zero, there will be no hash found at certain no. of zero in the left ? How will mining continue then ?
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    A Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) for Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain

    Based on Bitcoin a few developers created a new white paper in which - instead of our known Proof of Work (PoW) - they introduce a protocol, based on a Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), which appears to be an interesting aproach. It even might be possible to implement this protocol into Bitcoin as a...
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    Personal Opinion: Only a matter of time until Bitcoin will surprise us again

    We've had the Iran vs USA situation. We've been through the 2008 recession, but that's when Bitcoin was only starting to grow up. We've been through hacks, exploits, scams, hard times our governments have given us and all but today we're still here. Bitcoin - it is still here today. We're...
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    Im Looking developer it guy and Other skilled people for world biggest project.

    If you pay or getting payed the payer will pay 1% This way no legal Document Sign ups no hassle. All the needed taxes will be collected automaticly. When you dont pay for anything u dont pay any taxes.
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    Good ICO vs Bad ICO

    For Newbie How check Which bounty program is good or which one is Scammed and i have heard that many good ICO still not launching there coins