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    Collection of 18.509 found and used Brainwallets

    most of the ones you found have a 0.00005460 deposit and withdrawal ie 2 transactions. so I would adjust the 18,509 down to under 2,000 as it is obvious those addresses where designed and used to receive then send 0.00005460 0.0000546 seems to start at 899 and end at 18036 that is more...
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    Need a List of Good Online Marketplaces

    Apart from a few novel websites you won't actually find many places where you can spend your bitcoins online. Although that is exactly what is needed. People tend to buy cryptos to save or invest. They rarely spend that on silly things you see. There are many freelancing websites that have made...
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    trade & investment is getting harder and harder.

    Trading in crypto at the moment is really getting harder for real in the market. For sure even the expert one was also facing difficulty in technical analysis in terms of implementation for them to earn crypto or bitcoin, But if you do really have an idea and skills in trading the difficulty...
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    Crypto Investing/trading Opportunities for stable returns?

    I have heard that a few platforms are giving out stable returns(3 to 12)% on investments, depending on daily/monthly/yearly investments. Does anyone know any such platforms? And would you advise to invest into those? It would be great if someone can share a website that compares or lists such...