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    Buying your ERC20 wallet tokens - Especially unlisted tokens!!

    I am buying your ERC20 tokens that are not listed in exchanges or coinmarketcap especially, Meantime I can offer for listed ones also They can be your airdrop tokens, shtcoins etc.. System will work like below : You will send your ERC20 ethereum wallet adress with a private message to me. I...
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    We are looking for a smart contract developer

    I don't see the non-profit registration information anywhere on your website. I assume the rest of your post is as truthful? Please post your details and I can remove the negative trust.
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    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    Bro, free internet forums are not the best place to get business advice.
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    My 0.1 BTC Journey

    I started my journey of gathering btc in Dec 2019, with aim to accumulate 0.1 BTC. After 6 months I managed to accumlate 0.1 BTC. My original intention was to stop accumulation as soon as I have 0.1 btc but now I think I should go for 1 btc. My suggestion to everyone out there is to invest as...