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    DeFi project beginning to sounds ridiculous

    With projects like Hotdog coin and the likes doing the rounds, the whole DeFi craze is beginning to look and smell a lot like the ICO bubble a few years ago. Although, i feel that their own acceptance of how ridiculous and scammy it all is is ironically adding to their appeal. Why do you think...
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    We are looking for a smart contract developer

    fast food. trade market. but all this is already tightly occupied. only a completely original idea will save. You can find some interesting ideas here
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    Internet shutdowns by governments are bad for corporate marketing

    Since people are practically being reliant on the usage and availability of internet, loss of connection from telecommunications companies, internet providers is such a great hassle for the people whether ordinary or those working in the corporate world. Not just business people and companies...
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    Would you lend your cryptocurrencies?

    You have to give strict rules... as a lender, you must install strict and strong rules so that the funds you lend are paid back by the borrower. You can mimic the way of this lender, and I see the rules that are installed are very good.
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    Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoins?

    I was wondering if there is any affiliate marketing company that pays in cryptocurrency. I am not talking about the exchangers because they pay for referrals. I am looking for programs like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank etc. Let me know if you have any idea about this. Thank you.
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    Just hit 5.5 PH, & on our way to 8.3 within the month

    Video is worth 10k words. https:// /gallery /DPZXMSL Moved 800 miles for cheap(er) power in 2016...killed it for a year and half.... then crypto-winter put us on a diet of rice and beans (black mostly). We made it though and now... Take 2.0.