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    Which is more profitable, trading with Forex or trading with Crypto Currencies?

    I used to trade with Poloniex but I do not earn a lot, my loses from trading is higher than my profit, I think due to Bitcoin crazy price up and down. Until I try Forex trading using WhaleClub, where I trade currencies using Bitcoin. To be honest I found trading with real currencies like...
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    Is Buy and Hold Really the Best Strategy in Crypto?

    My strategy is mostly holding to tokens particularly the ones that I know will have the potential to 100x. Spot trading is a good option when you know the tokens experience the ups and downs for most of the time. If you are just trading for USD, you'd best try the margin trading. BTC/USDT is...
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    Crypto Investing/trading Opportunities for stable returns?

    All of those legit stuffs had been suggested and mentioned above and theres no need to repeat on what they have said and i did experience one on Celsius network and eventually i did changed up my mind afterwards. They do offer that annual return but i dont really have that peace of mind knowing...
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    Don't trade what you can't risk loosing

    Of course people should have to understand first how trading is risky especially if they don't have a single knowledge about it. It's just like walking in the dark without a single light. Anyone who wants to try trading should have a better understanding about the theory of what they are going...
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    Brand new to bitcoin and need some help

    I just started with Bitcoin and it's a bit confusing. Naturally, after creating a wallet, I want to buy bitcoins and load the wallet. The first thing I'm asked for is my wallet address. How do I find that, please? I don't see it immediately when I open the wallet or any of the tabs. Thanks.