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    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    Link I found: People can use this to trade for games using BTC with people who can access the cheaper rates.
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    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    I have always wondered why wallets aren't doing this already, specially with vulnerabilities that are found in all of them from time to time which would require immediate updates in some rare cases. recently Electrum added this [optional] feature in its latest release [1][2], that made me want...
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    Breaking Mixing Services

    Hey, more than a year ago I wrote my bachelor thesis about mixing services/anonymous bitcoin transactions (yes, bitcoin is pseudonymous). I found some trivial bugs (timing attacks, leakages, xss, ...) through which nearly all relevant centralized bitcoin mixing services could be broken. Based on...
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    Bitcoin Black Friday 2020

    In just 2 weeks the Bitcoin Black Friday action is resuming Domain (listing all the deals etc.): What to expect: Bitcoin Black Friday 2020 Will Host Major Discounts For BTC Payments
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    Trading using someone else's funds

    It is just like an investor giving you money to run a business. You need to calculate the percentage of the loaner in the total amount you intend to trade with. Your profit will be the capital plus interest. Meaning you will need to subtract the capital from your profit so that you have the...
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    Mining using Android ?

    Interessting , and thanks for all your answers guys. Well my PC can't mine a thing , Performances are too low , but I heard there is special USB's to mine with them ? dosen't matter the PC performance to use them ? or it still does and how much is the BTC you can earn a month. and if someone...
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    VAT/CUSTOM for Mining rigs

    Cost me 20% in Sweden as well. Its really huge for importing mining rigs. EDIT: A friend told me that it costed him like 35% for the same rig . Not sure why did that happen.
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    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    just try iy maybe it's work...
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    Pix of one of the largest Bitcoin mines

    Good lord. I think I'm going to need to change my freaking shorts after taking a gander at all that deliciousness! Really starting to look like China isn't wanting to be left behind on the Enterprise-Scale mining operations and with as many chip foundries and chip designers as that country has...
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    End of an Era

    I've heard that chances are it won't close. Sounds like there are a few people interested in purchasing it. Otherwise it would sure be disappointing to see BTC Guild go.
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    Someone booked a hotel using bitcoin

    Is that a big deal? I think that hotel booking is still the same, no matter the mode of payment, this is just a business strategy to garner a larger demographic of people and this helps in their business model by adding a variety of payments, the only problem with that I guess is the bureaucracy...
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    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Nope, Bitcoin enthusiasts never think that Bitcoin is a scam. Otherwise, you don't also blame those people who didn't know Bitcoin and thinking it is a scam. The disadvantage of Bitcoin is prone to scam and those people don't know how Bitcoin works this may they will think, a scam. The problem...
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    If Recession Kicks In, How Will Bitcoin Perform?

    The recession already kicked in and it will continue "kicking" during the next few years. Nobody can say or predict how Bitcoin will react to this recession.If anyone could predict this,he can become a billionaire.The investors might run away from risky assets and start buying more gold.Bitcoin...
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    Cryptocurrency can not replace fiat currency.

    I do agree that cryptos cannot really replace fiat. Fiat currency is a traditional currency and most or we can say all people know these things can be used for everyday transaction which is way too far from bitcoin or any other crypto currencies out there. Also the government will not allow it...
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    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Simply because they dont know where it came from and what is it all about behind it.. People dont trust easily, either me before think that btc is a scam but after Doing my own research I can prove it isnt a scam