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    private key stealers embedded into android, ios, OSX and Windows also hardware

    At this point is it realistic to assume that any large closed OS has code to try and get your private keys? The way I look a it is this. [1] Some person working at mega corp x, is a very skilled programmer, but for various reasons is not paid well and is not treated well. I imagine this goes...
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    Russia legalizing Bitcoin and cryptos but not allowed as payment method?

    Okay so months ago, we thought that they're all set to lay down the axe on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Russia. But right now, lawmakers have passed a bill to legalize cryptocurrencies in their country. However, there's one section of the bill states that Bitcoin cannot be used as payment...
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    Is it possible to generate every address from one seed

    It is not unlimited, nothing in bitcoin is. you are still generating a private key in a finite space (from 1 to n which is a little smaller than 2256) so it is limited by that number. as for the second part it is talking about collision. or in other words a collision in the truncated...
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    Difference between SegWit addresses

    Hey Carlton Banks, can you explain this in simple english kindly? I am not a technical guy, don't understand the terms like P2SH etc. I have few questions, that i would like to ask. 1) What are these Segwit Addresses? 2) How are these different from normal Addresses? 3) How are the fees low...