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    SegWit, NOMP, and Empty Blocks...

    No old legacy blocks are still compatible now. Version numbers aren't used anymore since asicboosy use them to get a faster block hash so you should be able to mine legacy or empty blocks (with just a coinbase) without them being rejected
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    RBF or CPFP transactions if I reinstall my computer and lose transaction history

    As I stated in OP, I reinstalled my Windows. Then, I tried to log in my wallet in two ways: - With seeds - With my wallet.dat file I saved before reinstalled Windows (but I don't remember that wallet backup is before or after I did that transaction). Both ways lead to same result, I can not see...
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    How to sign an Unsigned RawTx from 2-of-3 Multi-Sig Address using Bitcoin Core?

    try combining the two methods: with core client while using a BCD block explorer. that way you don't need to sync anything. - open a BCD block explorer and search your address to get the list of transactions. now you have to figure out if each received tx is spent or not, explorers...
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    Blockchain sending limit ?

    its not fees problem , because when you calculate +200$ fees , it still won't hit my balance
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    Where can I find the CGMiner Program zip file?

    Maybe is better to tell us what coin are you looking for to mine, so we can recommend you a GPU miner. P.S. I hope you are not looking to mine Bitcoin.
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    Coindesk & Cointelegraph give Fake News

    I have long noticed that both resources often provide unreliable news. That's why I don't trust them.
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    1.1 BTC Puzzle by Phemex

    Yep, it's a difficult puzzle indeed, commensurate with the rewards. For everyone, you can follow their official twitter account and see how those trying to solve the puzzle is doing.
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    btc transaction fee is way too much and btc transactions are way too slow

    to exchnge btc to fiat is still expensive and doing transactions with btc is expenive also . to exchnage btc into fiat is allready very expensive and transactions also expensive.... to use fiat curreny its cheaper right now lets look the facts.
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    PayPal to Offer Crypto Trading

    usually things reported by cointelegraph or similar sites don't have any value to be discussed, 90% of the times they are pure clickbait. in any case it is not surprising to see everyone eventually getting on board of the bitcoin bandwagon. it was predicted long before. specially companies like...
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    Winklevoss Case for $500K Bitcoin

    It's a possibility because so far I think we really haven't seen the greatest demand for Bitcoin. Does having a major capitulation scenario especially in a bear market may affect the possibility of it? I know somehow it's between 2020 or 2021 we'll see another bull run but the question is if...
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    There are 3 quadrillion times more atoms of gold than "satoshis"

    The minimum number of sats you can send in a standard transaction is 546, and the minimum fee you can set is 1 sat/vbyte, which would be somewhere around 140 sats for the smallest "standard" transaction (although the smallest ever transaction broadcast was 62 vbytes). You could pay less of a...
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    BTC Mining, Still Relevant ?

    In my country due to the high electricity cost and rentals and along with the high equipment costs this is not making much sense unless somebody has enough wealth to try it out and can bear some loses if must sell out later. ROI might take years or more and in between if somebody needs urgent...
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    Buy bitcoin with phone credits???

    I see that currently no one sells Bitcoin using phone credit, and even if it does, I don't guarantee it will be very good to do so at this point, I think if you really want to buy Bitcoin, it's better to use an exchange like Binance, KuCoin , Bittrex, and other exchanges because existing...
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    The Truth About Bitcoin's Green New Deal.

    That aside, I do not know the reason why people should be concerned about bitcoin consuming high amount of energy. What if the electricity generated is not used by people, that means the electricity production could collapse, they did not think about that. Normally, in countries where mining are...
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    1 BTC bounty for password recovery

    Any hints on the password, or pattern used? Also, can you supply evidence this is your wallet?