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    What is good amount to start day trading is 100$ enough??

    Well, if you have been lost 5 times successively perhaps you are not yet ready to gamble your money in trading. Even though how big or small if you have a lack of knowledge it will keep losing until your pocket becomes empty. There is nothing to hurry in trading, spend more time doing research...
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    Your strategy in taking profit

    1. BTC of course and some trading in ETH and other low cap coins. 2. I havent touched a stablecoin ever since when im here on cryptospace. 3. Strategy? So far my country isnt that strict into crypto gains but generally if your country is strict then you do know on what to do. 4. I didnt have...
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    Difference Stock Trading and BTC trading

    1. Stocks has far more liquidity than bitcoin and cryptocurrencies hence the cryptocurrency markets are highly more volatile. 2. Cryptocurrencies are mostly traded based on hype cycles. 3. Cryptocurrency markets are open 24/7, stock markets are open like 8 hours a day in weekdays and...
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    FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform

    Dont see why it wouldn't work but obviously do so at your own risk
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    Can i start forex with no risk of money?

    I think this kind of statement with zero risks of money is very impossible because if this kind of process is really most of the people now will start to make the trade because they know you will get a profit and you will never lose all of your funds. Again if you are a professional trader still...
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    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    yes and no. but if you are looking for a magical bot that you just click a button and it makes you rich then i have to say there in none. especially if you don't know about trading and have to experience in the matter. but bots can help you a lot in trading and watching the market and earning...
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    Best Exchange for day trade?

    I trade on ... it's not a coin, it's a trading website like Poloniex... I don't trade on Poloniex because their fee charges are much higher...So I wonder why many people trade their I know Gdax doesn't charge you AT ALL when you fill the buy/sell orders. But they only have 3 or 4...
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    Hire Crypto Trader

    I'm not sure if you are looking for crypto trader or crypto signal group. If you can make a good offer, defintely, a lot of people will come to you asking your mercy to become a part of your team. It surely they will hard for it but how could they assure that they will got their payment once...
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    Stock/Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Trader

    The only difference that I can see is on how it will be looked as if you are a trader from forex/stock because cryptomarket is a whole different game, if they do approach it just like what they are doing with the stock then they will get a hard time learning how to utilize it, it will be easy...
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    It's pretty much a gamble, especially when you know little to nothing concerning trading. You can win big money, you can lose big money. If I were to risk my money through gambling, I'd much rather go to a casino as at least I'd enjoy my time even if I lose some of my money
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    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    IQ options is legit as per the scam analysis reports but we can see lot of individuals complaining about IQ options on different social media platforms so this is kind of selective scamming trick in my opinion.But when it comes to option trading you are not going to do much things and as...
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    best trading sites?

    for me as of now...poloniex,bitfinex is the best exchange sites...but there is more to follow.
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    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    For me, trading is much better if you have the skill and willingness to learn and become good at it. Most of the investors are scared to risk their money into trading as they say that market is unpredictable. Hello?! That's the reason why there is what we called "technical analysis" that will...
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    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    We don't have to compare between binance and bittrex because each exchange has advantages and disadvantages, and I believe that each exchange will have its fan. But we can see that binance developed the exchange to be top exchange beside of bittrex, poloniex, kucoin and the other, and many...
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    Coin Shilling Question

    Being shilled and promoted is one of the factors that makes DeFi projects and their token gain attraction that makes the price go up. They desperately use bounty managers just to make traction to the price. We know that this is for a short period price bump only and I'm sure that they can't...