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    Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?

    I suggest use Paxful or Localbitcoin for buy Bitcoin, both are best place for buying and have many trust seller with good price. If you want buy Bitcoin from other virtual cash as Perfectmoney, OKPAY, Advcash, ... you can use - best choice for exchange virtual cash
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    To add up to what others has just said, I will recommend you find a freelancer from a reputable site to do your work, if you have no experience (I suggest you learn also). Some freelancers are evil, and they can go around to get into your site and do whatever evil plan they wish. So find a...
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    Where to start?

    If you continue to work here in the forum,never get involve on any easy programs and joined in signature campaign at the first time you reached the requirement you already earned 1 or more btc until this day .
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    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    And this is why, from what I've seen, this is the worst place in which to solicit donations. Plus even if you could prove that the money was for starving kids in Africa or for Cancer Victim Mary, people here probably wouldn't donate anyway. This forum isn't a charity and we're kind of...
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    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    Hi, Bitbike is here We just added Singapore, so now you can vote On the site you can add any city (but it's not very clear, we will change it). We will launch our project in the spring of 2018 in the 5 most popular cities in the world by voting results on Vote for your city...
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    (Gauging Interest)"lowkey" stylish bitcoin apparel

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    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    Agree, I think they can still target those who know about crypto and I wouldn't be surprise if someone would bit on this when there is out of stocks from the supplier similar to ticket scalping in an event like concert or big sporting events. I most probably think that this company or guy is...
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    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    This is seems like the bitminer,io ponzi scheme system like the upgrading from version X.X to version X.X. Am I right? Most probably yes, Sr Member who wants to promote his referral links in this forum, and I dunno if someone will attract on this.
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    Projects you should start, we need!

    Thats why we want someone to jump in and start it.
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    Do I need to compile a wallet each time I do changes to it?

    Depends on what platform you develop, there are packages where you see live upgrade without the need to compile all packages again, like in xcode /KX
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    Read and convert UTXO to normal view!

    this sounds a lot like indexing that the block explorers do. so you may want to check out the source code of some of the open source block explorers to see how they are doing that like insight maybe this can clarify your question so others can help you more...
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    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    It's just number of lines in every input lines example you have 10 lines in your BLF file you have 5 CPUs you want to run 5 brainflayer instances you run it with 1. -n 1/5 2. -n 2/5 3. -n 3/5 ... so, in 1st example, brainflayer read just first line of every 5 lines in your blf file
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    Number of connections

    I think it fills outbound slots first, certainly if a node is catching up then inbound slots do not get negotiated until catch up to the chain tip is complete.
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    bitcoin transaction: offline relay vs off-chain processing

    After reading the article you mentioned, I think the author should change the title from "completely offline bitcoin transactions" to something like "I asked someone else's help to broadcast my bitcoin transaction"...
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    gettxoutproof with pruning

    The built-in wallet keeps a copy of the merkle proof IIRC, but I'm not sure it's accessible from RPC at this time.