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    Bitcoin fueling to launch to the moon anytime soon.

    BTC I was reading some sentiments regarding BTC on twitter, some wanted to jump out of the ship, but I was think of BTC last ATH. Before it, price was below $11K...and now price was near similar to all I've been thinking and doing is praying/chanting. "JUST KEEP MOVING...NO STOPPING"...
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    Electricity backup for antminer's

    Hello everyone i just bought two antminer s7's. Where i live, i have to pay very less for electricity. But the problem is the electricity uptime is very poor here, i face 5 to 6 power cuts a day with around 40 minute to 1:30 hours. I want to ask what kind of backup power should i use. i am...
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    Bitcoin Consensus. Posibility that a transaction will never be validated?

    Firstly let me tell you (very abstractly), how I understood the consenous. If I am wrong, please correct me. Out there are many miners and each one receive a lot of different transactions, that have to be validated. The one who is faster put all his by others verified transactions into a block...
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    NFT(NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN)... which are the best to invest in 2021?

    Many people are increasingly convinced that together with Defi or in any case immediately afterwards, the other uptrend will see NFT tokens as protagonist. What do you think ? what is the project with the most potential in your opinion? is there any project that will go up to Mars? ...
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    Hackers Withdrew $ 25 Million

    Hackers Withdrew $ 25 Million from DeFi-Protocol DForce Kataryna Kovtun April 20, 2020 SHARE Chinese DeFi platform dForce Foundation lost over 99% of its assets as a result of a hacker attack. DeFi - Protocol DForce The attack was carried out through owned by the project an open protocol of...
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    bitextrum exchange?

    These scammers are usually quick to react with deleting their website, create a new one, start sending random message, and so on. A more effective way for newbies would be to learn the known MO of scammers instead of individually checking new random website.
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    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    it is not a new trend, it is just a new name because it is doing pretty much the same exact thing but instead of having to advertise the fundraising yourself you'll have to pay a lot of money to an exchange to advertise it for you while they fail all the same.
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    Buying goods or services using crypto

    as we've been in a state of bear-trend for almost a year, i'm trying to find another usage of my eth and btc except hodling. do you know any real working crypto-marketplaces? probably it's not a bad option and i would find something really worthful to buy without any doubts of being scammed...
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    Statistics about past mining profitability

    I've been away for some time from the forum and I need a bit of info for a material about bitcoin mining past and what might be in the future I'm calculating profitability only in terms of electricity bill/ profit in usd , I'm not taking into account roi or anything else, also not interested in...