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    Deep cold storage

    adding to darosior's answer, and as dumb as it may sound I use substitution cipher method to encrypt my offline wallets , i am a little bit paranoid about the fact that it's possible for someone to get a hold to my PKs. while manual substitution cipher is an old method and considered to be...
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    Speed up syncing of bitcoin core when the blockchain becomes colossal

    SHA256 is already accelerated on x86 platforms using SSE4 instructions (since Bitcoin 0.15.0) Signature verification performance can be improved with batch validation (part of the proposed Schnorr sigs soft fork, hopefully coming this year)
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    Is "Unknown wallet records" >0 normal?

    I am not sure what you are trying to do when you get this error. That error seems to appear when you try to load too many wallets in bitcoin core due to limitations in memory. If you have too many wallets you might have ran out of memory to store them. Have a look at this and see if this is...
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    Convert BIP39 to public key bitcoin by API

    I think you meant master public key (or usually called xpub, ypub or zpub) AFAIK there's no web service which offer API for your needs, but which is full nodes client have lots of API features and maybe such feature is exist.
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    Private blockchains connected to bitcoin's pow

    I fail to see the "private blockchain" aspect of what you are describing above. What's the difference to colored coin / token approaches such as OMNI and XCP?
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    Breaking Mixing Services

    Interesting reading material... I've quickly browsed trough your attack on, and my first reaction was that you were able to attack them because they did not include any variation in the creation of their output transactions. I mean, if a mixer only creates output transactions with...
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    Is there any service up yet that provides Lightning API?

    Hi, There are no such thing as Lightning address or transactions, on lightning are exchanged bitcoin transactions
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    Python implementation of bs58check?

    Thanks, I know this page and the bitcointalk thread. However, the library it uses is the one (NodeJs lib) I mentioned in my first post. Thanks, this is what I was looking for. I will try it but it looks good so far.
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    Are nonces predictable?

    You guys could point me a better option though.. The idea behind this game is to select a winner (or more) from a list of particpants. The game would announce something like: "we are at block 568903 - result at 569000 (using nonces as seeds from block 568996 to 569000)" Using multiple blocks...
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    Luke Jr's 300kb blocks

    What Luke is championing for (in Twitter ) is both improving sync time and block propagation delay. Of the two, the latter is improved by FIBRE a lot (very low << 0.001 orphan rates right now) and is under even more developments AFAIK but the first one, initial sync time is an open problem...
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    Can a receiving address be the hash of an IP address?

    This is not possible to quite a lot of reasons. I will list a few without a in-depth explanation because i think it really is not required here: IPs are given out dynamically You might have a specific IP today, a different tomorrow and a completely new one the day after. 'Adresses' do not...
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    Proposal Ethereum as the layer 2 to Bitcoin

    It's not new idea, there are few idea/technology which have similar usage such as WBTC token on ETH even though it has numerous limitation such as swap/change limitation. And as pooya87 mentioned, 2nd layer such as RootStock is better solution and don't require you to swap/pegged Bitcoin with...
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    Pieter and Greg, Bech32, please

    I literally have no “objective” reason (is there truly such a thing?). Just my opinion. Having a code contain 1s and lowercase Ls simultaneously by design is, in my opinion, an obvious UX nightmare that Satoshi did well to explicitly avoid and hardly needed to explain because the potential for...
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    A Stake-Based Double-Voting Consensus Protocol

    The first voting is to determine the right to generate the next block. The second voitng is to determine the main branch from different forks. About the previous question, maybe I misunderstood you. The "Confirms" you mentioned should not be "votes" from stakeholders. Sorry about that. Anyone...
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    [ASK] question About Bitcoin

    While I wouldn't run a full node on a mobile device, running a full node generally doesn't require much power (eg. if your desktop computer is always on either way or if you run a node on a small dedicated device such as a raspberry pi you most likely won't notice much of a difference in your...