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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    I wouldn't say it will be permanent but there are factors to consider regarding consumer behaviours. So far, I think the lean towards using digital payments in my country has increased since people now are into selling goods online. I don't think bitcoin is into those digital payments accepted...
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    Police Arrest

    Let the judge handle his violation and his sanction will always depends on the existing law. There's a clear violation since mining is his personal business, it's an abuse of power, he get his earning free of expenses by passing that on to the government. What a silly officer, committing crimes...
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    cryptomoney dice script

    I would like to add this if you like more. Opensource dice script: - - = this one is the oldest one dice script that needs moneypot. - = This one includes...
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    Signing a message from a segwit address

    No converter yet from segwit address to legacy. Much better use Electrum as suggested above just export the private key from samourai wallet then imports it to Electrum. Check this guide below to extract your private keys from samourai wallet. -...
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    Sell good for BTC when price is unknown yet

    Sometimes it can be easiest to add the clause like "$800 value equivalent in BTC in accordance with its value from the [previous day] as available on [website, can be coinmarketcap]".
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    The Hypocrisy Behind Facebook Banning Crypto Ads

    They've actually banned most of the ICO ads and other crypto related ads which I used to saw during 2017 to early 2018 and that news came out. It's also connected to what Mark Zuckerberg said during end of 2017 which was known the bull run of bitcoin that he's starting to look at...
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    Speculation - Phore (PHR)

    Well, I did not know that! Thank you for saying so much! Now I quietly buy Phore (PHR) for a large sum for me. I think I need to buy now and keep in my wallet. In the end, the project still has PoS! I believe that PoS is the future!
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    Using crypto to help Hong Kong

    Anybody else working on this? Some Bitcoin community members in Canada have gotten involved due to the high number of Hong Kong expatriates here... they're helping them with security issues. The most notable beneficiary of support has been Alliance Canada Hong Kong--Google them to find lots of...