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    As a intermediary/third-party, can I validate if a transaction occured?

    Hi, I'm new to the Bitcoin protocole. So please forgive this newbie question. I'd like to know if, without providing some kind of "escrow wallet", a intermediary can know if a buyer has actually send an amount of money to another user? If the buyer and/or seller do provide some required...
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    Send bitcoin to a address using paypal

    Is there any place I can redirect clients on my website to a website that allows you to send them paypal money and automatically sends bitcoin to the address you specify? I want to refer my non-technical clients to this place to provide them with easier usage.
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    JSON-RPC step-by-step, help?

    To get good answer, there are few things that you need to share (but no one force you to do it) 1. What is your goal? You might be stuck on XY problem 2. What tools (programming language, library, etc.) you can or plan to? And you can check...
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    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    I wouldn't download the blockchain via torrent... Not as safe as downloading the blocks from several peers, and you still need to verify and parse the blocks... My advice to you would be to either find the bottleneck on your system or switch to an SPV wallet... SPV wallets only download the...
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    Thoughts on new ATH

    There was a time during the covid 19 pandemic in March 20120, the price of btc dropped abruptly from $10500 to as low as $3600. But, later, the price increase and reached over $11000 with a very strong support. I do not see any storm coming this year again but for the price to increase, even if...
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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    What is more visible is the current pandemic do boosted online shopping and use of virtual currency which were already taking their grounds. If 20% of people were ordering their food online, now 40% are doing so. If 20% of meetings were held through video conference, now 80% are done so. The...
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    Signing a message from a segwit address

    So is the Segwit address being converted in some way to a Legacy address? Thanks
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    WING Was WING token developed by BINANCE? Will it be big? Is it related to BINANCE Coin?
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    What can you buy with 0.01 cents (1 penny) ?

    What can you buy with 0.01 cents (usd) ? Can you buy anything with a penny ? Same question for other fiat currencies (Can you buy anything with 0.01 eur / 0.01 aud / 0.01 cad / ... ?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We could make money...
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    Timestamping documents with the blockchain

    I am looking for a service or tutorial that instructs on how to use the timestamping feature of the blockchain to record the existence and immutability of important documents. We want to timestamp a document into the blockchain for a "proof of existence". It is also useful that the block will...
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    Signing a message from a segwit address

    I am trying to sign a message with a segwit address but when i do it says it is for a legacy address (beginning with 1) Is this normal? i'm using Samouri wallet.
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    Cheat mining two block in a row?

    Hi, I have two questions about trying to "cheat" the mining system: 1. Mining two block in a row (If I do understand the mining process correctly, I can’t start mining for a block without knowing the previous one which give me the hashing « problem » to solve) Let say I’m a Bitcoin miner with...
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    Cross-chain atomic swap protocol BTC <> ETH

    We are running such kind of ptotocol here: It is live on the maiinet and our team want to find, if crypto enthusiasts would like to try it
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    When Bitcoin Must Be Inherited

    Over the past decade, the number of Bitcoin investors and other types of crypto assets has grown tremendously. Based on data by Coinmetrics, there are currently around 12 million Bitcoin millionaires in the world. However, there are those who die every year, without heirs who can access Bitcoin...
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    I get exactly 21.000.000 coins.

    it is probably because your "num" is not of type integer, it is instead of type float and at some point when it is divided by 2 it has a leftover 0.5 which should be discarded since it is outside of the valid range but it is not. you are also using 50 as your start which is technically wrong. it...