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    What is the main reason for this bull market

    Emotions, Sentiments, News and predictions. You can say that the economy or anybody but the market is heavily driven by the sentiments and emotions of the investors. If they feel that the market is bullish then they will come one after another and vice versa. News will just help the investors...
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    btc transaction fee is way too much and btc transactions are way too slow

    There have been Bitcoin improvement proposals over the years aimed at improving the cost of transaction, such as segwit. Some are in the process of being implemented currently - Schnorr and Taproot. There are personal measures you can take to reduce the fee you spend on transaction; •...
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    What the future holds for bitcoin

    If I can save fiat at home safely without any thief coming, it will be good. If I can transfer my fiat to a family abroad without the bank or any third party, it will be good. If I have not made transactions before leading to error while using fiats, it will be good. If I can maintain privacy to...
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    Bitcoin and crypto currencies are getting dangerous

    So your worried about centralized exchanges will force his customer to submit KYC/personal information? Just don't use them and start using decentralized exchanges (e.g. bisq [1], hodl hodl [2]) IMO it's enough to answer your question, better to lock your topic
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    Will you buy BTC from PayPal now that they are letting people do it?

    Maybe, I don't really know for sure I have some money in Paypal but I don't know if it would be worth it or not, I don't know how much would be the fee for transaction in Paypal so if it would be high I would rather buy on exchange or directly at my mobile wallet. But it could be good for those...
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    I Am Emotional after seeing this Rally

    Personally I am calm, because in such situations you should better control emotions in order not to feel quite another spectre of emotions in case the price started going down in few days or weeks))) sometimes it happens, the market is unpredictable.
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    Where will it be by the end of this run?

    It's bit difficult to predict where will Bitcoin end up post this bull run but it will not drop down like it did in 2018, I feel Bitcoin might trend anywhere between $15k to $20k at its best and $8k to $10k during its worst post correction period. We should not compare Bitcoin with fiat as they...
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    EarnBet making its own gaming ecosystem . So what does this mean for $BET ??

    What could make this token go even higher would be to implement this to multiple stuff. Right now it is a gambling thing, people go there and gamble and lose money and you get that as dividends for you, every single cent lost there goes to people who holds the tokens so that is awesome and...
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    Cloud mining with OXBTC

    I agree with this statement , there is no way you can have that amount of user's and the cloud mining website you are telling us still not known by many. Even me doesn't have any idea what this website offer for the investment until you create this thread. If you really have that large...
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    The reason that we want to specify the number of inputs but not the exact inputs is because if we were to specify the exact inputs it creates a hash cycle. This then prevents the opcode from actually being used. I recommend reviewing the RPCs branch -- I'm currently in the process of doing a lot...
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    Best Altcoin to Invest

    there are many altcoins on the market, I know it drives you crazy, but if you are able to choose and invest in the right altcoin, I am sure you will get rich, it is hard to predict the future altcoin price, but I have one good altcoin recommendation, which is Waves
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    ONE (Harmony) good to invest

    If you don´t have Harmony in your low-market cap portfolio, then consider it. The most important facts are: listed on Binance, 10% year reward from staking on Binance, future looks good for this high tps blockchain (competitor to Ethereum, QuarkChain and Zilliqa
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    Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoins?

    I want to add few other suggestions but am not sure if they are trusted enough. Take the example of Billfodl affiliate program which is crypto wallet accessory that adds another layer of security. It gaves 18.75% as a commission rate but it unfortunetly you will get paid in FIAT PayPal. Also...
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    Robotics does the work that's been assigned within the programmed time period as per the design or the work allocated. This way the human work force usage is being much decreased. Robotics play a big role in the mass production as well as in the increased manufacturing to the fast moving World...
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    My small (but growing) mining farm

    Good job bro, i hope you will be able to ROI , looks like a lot of money is spent on setting up the farm aside from the cost of asics and psus, as for the cooling, since you have that much space and relatively a small number of machines, try to keep a distance between them, that will help in...