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    TAKE A TEST — Which cryptocurrency are you? ₿

    What is your spirit coin? Is it BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, or TRX? To find out, take a fun and easy test. Share your result here in the thread. Let’s see if this forum has total domination of Bitcoin or do altcoins have secret fans. Would be also interesting to know if there’s a coin which is common...
  2. L broadcasting help needed

    Well.. You were going to broadcast the transaction anyways. Since you're using a throwaway account, you might aswell show us this signed transaction so we can have a look at it. Showing us said transaction could potentially decrease your privacy. It's also a possibility to PM your tx to a...
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    Mining Bitmain SHA museum

    Nice collection KNC miners would be needed as they were the first ASICs AFAK. Good old Jupiters, Saturns and Neptunes. Also Butterfly Labs.