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    Discussion and support on the lightning network lessons

    What OP looking for DNS Seeds for Bitcoin full nodes client, not DNS for website / domain that we use access everyday
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    Transaction mining

    You do not mine transactions. You include transactions in a block and hash the block headers (which includes its merkle root) to generate a hash with the matching difficulty. It is more of a security feature to have a certain level of difficulty when mining blocks. Mining pools have payment...
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    What happens to "unselected" transactions?

    There's a new block every 10 minutes. If the network is saturated with high fee transactions, the transaction will take a space where #3 is viable to add then it will be added, after about 2 weeks transactions can be dropped from the network although may or may not be depending on the node. If...
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    A crypto startup is now funding people in Bitcoin for delayed flights.

    same question here,actually here apology from the airline company is the compensation you will only get and most of the time there is no even food and water that they offered in delayed flights. this is interesting that we will be compensated just because our flight was delayed? what kind of...
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    1.1 BTC Puzzle by Phemex

    Another brainbreaker, nice Good luck to everyone....2.1btc is a nice reward.
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    btc transaction fee is way too much and btc transactions are way too slow

    So what ware you doing here on the crypto bitcoin forum when you think fiat is better than bitcoin. Tell me you need to send money form one country to another, how much you pay the fee ? Do you think Western union and other services work free of cost ? Bitcoin is still the cheapest way to...
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    Philippines SEC warns against crypto investment.

    I hope there's no effect in using crypto in our country (Philippines) instead, they were directly seized the groups that implement this Ponzi scheme business which is obviously scam. Just like Forsage investment scheme which is now very well known here in the Philippines. However, you can also...
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    Winklevoss Case for $500K Bitcoin

    The bulk of the article contained arguments against the USD as a store of value, with little on oil and gold which were only criticised in hindsight; as an effect of what could possibly happen in the future. This suggests that they think fiat is the most flawed system as a store of value. I was...
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    Heads Up Folks I think they know how to Crash or Bring down the Value of a Pump

    Pump and dump coins have existed since as far as I can remember; and they don't even need "Powerful Quantum Computers to do the hash calculation". All they need to have is ample funds to pump up these low-cap coins, and dump their holdings once the people follow suit.
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    Bitcoin's Case As A Hedge Asset Continues To Grow

    Every currency is an asset as well.Gold used to be a currency in the previous centuries,now it's an asset only. Anyway,thinking that an extremely risky asset like Bitcoin can be used as a hedge investment means that the global financial markets are heading towards insanity. Market supply is more...
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    Buy bitcoin with phone credits???

    I search online and I'd never see another way of buying Bitcoin other than that have mentioned above. But I was not convinced if it runs smoothly, in fact, this way of buying bitcoin isn't popular unlike in using exchangers. And even me, I have no trust this thing and the risk of being scammed...
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    Would it be possible to develop crypto address validation technology?

    It makes good sense if you control the private key, normally this is not an issue while using wallet because people can decide to use noncustodial wallets but I still see it to be an issue while using exchanges that your private key is managed by the exchange. Also, many people are novice and...
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    Found an old wallet file from 3 years ago, can't open it?

    You mean it has a passphrase? I suppose. But when I open the wallet I thought it was suppose to ask me for the passphrase so decrypt it? Or am I missing something?
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    Bitcoin Core HD Wallet

    As long as your wallet has been created after 0.13 (If you created it between 0.13-0.16, please check if you've actually created a HD wallet!) and you have not imported any private keys.
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    Bitcoin address management

    Thank you, it makes sense. I just need to be really careful with spending / dusting and address reuse.