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    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    I'm thinking the same with you, so anyone have experience with this before? I mean purchase game from other region than you and never get banned, actually i would like to buy GTA V, in my area this game is quite expensive that's why i'm looking for the better price, and Rusia has cheaper than my...
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    Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?

    The only place from where I buy bitcoins is on localbitcoins as I find that place very trusted and safe and I am buying from there since long time and haven't faced any issue with the security of money as there are many trusted traders with high trust ratings and localbitcoins use escrow which...
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    Even if you have the capital and all the funding, the real question is do you have the experience in managing a start up exchange? Do you really know what you are doing? As I have suggested before, its better to get the experience by working in an exchange and them going out on your own
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    Where to start?

    I think you have enough knowledge about the forum than the newbie here. just try to make better your post quality and join any signature campaign following the rule and resume your earning
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    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    Really? I thought most countries in the Eurozone were also either in the Schengen area or had public healthcare. Don't you have the opportunity for health tourism, to go to another country and use their services? Or is this to keep up payments which he wouldn't be able to work for? Anyway...
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    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    Definitely a good business model to implement Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. I think it will bitcoin will best after the segwit as the transaction will be faster and cheaper. Although the security is an issue with Bike sharing or car sharing, it is a good thing to lesser the pollution.
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    (Gauging Interest)"lowkey" stylish bitcoin apparel

    I wouldn't wear any of those, but I like the bitcoin theme. I don't get the 'Rumble' aspect of it. What I would wear, and gladly, is a black bitcoin t-shirt with a pocket on it. Like most geeks, I keep pens in my t-shirt breast pocket and those are like the only things I wear. No sweatshirts...
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    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    Can you please post these FB accounts so we can mark them and try to inform everyone? Ty. Especially now with the BCC chain creating more demand for more miners, the scammers will surely take advantage of the noobs.
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    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    I would bet money that OP's is a bought account and was bought solely for the purpose of spamming these referral schemes. Don't believe any of it. I reported that last thread of his for being referral spam. Don't be surprised if all your posts in that and this thread get nuked.
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    Projects you should start, we need!

    Interesting post on "new ideas". I'm also keen to see this forum generate newer ideas, or introducing better innovation. There are plenty of gems still to be found, but they tend to get easily lost under the pile of carbon copies. The "everything" idea is not practical, nor wise, in my opinion...
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    Do I need to compile a wallet each time I do changes to it?

    Yes, you need to always compile it. A lot of things are set dynamically through code and not through the UI forms.
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    Read and convert UTXO to normal view!

    how does it transform into this kind of thing?: Public key -- balance? 72e0d74f683d5ca6a5ae59b2db39be2dda20bddd4272895d4ee39f323cf9c113 -- 1.111111 BTC of course, if there is another option to unload chainstate as a public key balance.... well not bad, but only part of the writing of the script...
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    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    but what does this mean ? Code: -n K/N use only the Kth of every N input lines sorry but english isnt my primary language., does it mean that its not going to try incrementally ? and going to pass/skip every nth value while doing incrementation ?
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    Number of connections

    The comment in bitcoin.conf says: # Maximum number of inbound+outbound connections. This is why i am confused about the value 1. Now for bigger values, does it pick half for inbound and half for outbound, or something else? Ie. does the value 2 means: 1 in, 1 out? Or it could be 2 in only...
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    A couple of questions regarding Schnorr MuSig algorithm math notation

    BUMP! I still need help figuring out why I am getting false when trying to verify the signature.