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    What is the main reason for this bull market

    I'm not sure if it was the major reason, but I've read an article saying that bitcoin holders aren't selling their bitcoins yet, they used an indicator and it shows that this is not the right time to sell your bitcoins, I think it came also from a trading signal that these people are confident...
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    What were the precursors of Bitcoin?

    Because hashcash was before bitcoin it doesn't mean that bitcoin was bornt from hashcash. Bitcoin is a creation that took some important accomplishments back in the 90's and implement them to create a digital currency. Satoshi had referenced to bmoney too. It doesn't make bmoney a...
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    Shadow of Destruction over Bitcoin

    There is a possibility that a crash might happen in the long term. If the number of people buying outweighs the number of people selling in biblical proportions, I do think that it will reach a plateau and in turn discourage buyers because there is no profit if you buy because of the plateau...
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    Will you buy BTC from PayPal now that they are letting people do it?

    I just voted 'Maybe' and 'I will wait and see'. Actually, it depends. I have a few options in terms of buying BTC so I wouldn't say I would particularly choose Paypal over others. I normally use a local exchange when I convert from my local fiat to BTC and vice versa. I could get a better price...
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    Bitcoin shoots past $19,000 as new ATH awaits

    The faster it goes up the sharper will the correction be. Big fast gains are good for FOMO and euphoria but not for bitcoin. Also, we don't know it it will go above the last ATH. I knew it would go to 20, I was saying it since it went above 12000 but 20 and above remains a mystery. It looks...
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    How has COVID-19 affected the Bitcoin space?

    This is more than clear, at the start of the pandemic, bitcoin was just $8000, but now bitcoin is over $18000. People even getting to know more about bitcoin becaue it is very good as a means of payment during the pandemic, unlike paper money that can help spread the disease. Bitcoin has been...
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    EarnBet making its own gaming ecosystem . So what does this mean for $BET ??

    The ranking is far from the top although it is widely used as token for gambling in EarnBet but this doesn't mean it would give a good fortune in the long run. Investors might want to invest it since bull market hasn't been started yet but I won't advise people to hold it in the long run. It...
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    Coinbase DeFi app BLOCKED by Apple, Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro, Orchid OXT to MOON

    Usually Apple dont give a direct answer why they did not approve new applications or updates. They just point you to they rules to read them. I know some game developers that had blockchain backed asset in their game had big problems finding out what Apple really dont like on their apps. But...
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    Transaction Confirmations & Accelerator | How it works ?

    The cost to build such thing is probably bigger than the benefits you get from it. Doing some RBF might help you, it's 'cheaper', faster and you can control it. If that's not possible then use those free accelerators instead. Or pay a miner to mine your tx (which is kinda counter-intuitive).
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    The next crypto to explode - Sentivate

    We can make all presumptions on what would be the possible price of a certain token but we cant really make out conclusions into this very unpredictable market. I havent checked out Sentivate project though but its good that it did really get some marketshare or recognition yet it did really...
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    ONE (Harmony) good to invest

    Supply is quite high, at current circulation and price it would make something like $148M marketcap (if i counted right). Maybe it rises with others, maybe it rises 10x only in usd, who knows. But this wouldn't be the one i would put my money on, because i think there are better options.
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    I need 5 sources of revenue to generate $200 each per month - Ideas?

    To make 1000USD per month only by investing means you either have to invest VERY much or you have a HIGH risk or your own work is included. Crypto is same like real life. Thats the same everywhere. The difference is, there are opportunities to make a lot of money but the risks are higher than...
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    SOLO MINING - can i be bamboozled?

    Ckpool is trustworthy and plenty of people will tell you this, honestly it's not worth the trouble of mining solo by yourself. IMO the fee is tiny and it's worth just pointing hash there instead of manually setting up everything you need just to solomine. Unless you're using some shady altcoin...
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    solo mining probability

    with a networ hashing power on 3.000.000T/hs.. i think really low. but if you want.. you can give it a try...
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    The State of Cryptocurrency Mining by David Vorick (Sia)

    Yes it's a good article and it's accurate. What's frustrating for those of us that lived through the conversion of bitcoin from CPU to ASIC is that the rules and issues have never changed, and we see the same mistakes being made over and over by both new manufacturers and newcomers into the game...