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    Article about the blockchain and Bitcoin scaling. This article about how Bitcoin and in general the blockchain is scaling is very interesting. I am not the author but I though it was very educational, and should belong here.
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    South Korea and Australia, they are bitcoin pro

    Bitcoin is winning digital war in South korea and Australia. They will replace some physical licenses into digital formats. In S. korea, Seongnam's payment already have integrated digital certificate into existing payment system. In Busan, visitor can pay service charges with byc/eth. And...
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    Trading, gambling and binary options. Which one you prefer?

    I have experience on betting or trading up with binary options and i can say that it is just similar to gambling so i dont really suggest this one to anyone.Trading is for making money on longer duration or can be forever once you do able to grasp the system.It might not be easy and does take...
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    Trading using someone else's funds

    You can use portfolio tracking apps through connecting your account's API Key and you will be able to see the percentage profit or loss you have made in real time. Apps like 3commas, bituniverse, blockfolio are reliable. So if you combine the whole loaned amount from your friend to yours. What...
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    Toasters to Mine Bitcoins

    My toaster, refrigerator, as long as the links to the things other people could be controlled? For them to seek benefits, but spend my electricity bill?
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    Fire hazard and bitcoin mining at home

    make me kind of worry about all my machines and miners running 24/7 om ups and getting hot now
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    ASIC vendors who sell with reputable escrow?

    The average difficulty change over the past 12 months isn't 20% its 14.7% For the past six months the average is 7.68% and dropping. Also it depends enormously on what your electricity price is. 14.7% Difficulty increase at 10c/kwh 1TH would have to cost: $120 @ 600W $150 @ 500W $180 @ 400W...
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    Need help in starting mining

    If you have cheap electricity, get one of these, but make sure your electrical circuit can handle this: If you don't have 208V power outlet or higher, just skip mining altogether. But if you fulfill this requirement...
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    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    But the profitability seems to be dropping.. so not worth buying it
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    Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )

    what unit caused the fire? I just ordered myself an antminer
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    New NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30 series GPUs

    From multiple leaks:
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    I bought 30 grand usd worth of P106 and hosted them in China!

    I surely hope the eth price rocket! And plus the 4g card will be out of business at the end of the year, so I think it is going to turn out great eventually. And yes, mining is a lot of work, thankfully I don't need to deal with all that
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    Bitflate (crypto with inflation) Mining

    I just saw this gif animation on twitter. Bitcoin doesn't have new miners on board until block 130k. We have 2 miners already at 12k block.
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    Antminer E3 not mining ETC after new Epoch

    Its not the size the miners thinks that he is up-to-date with the block while he is far behind. [2020-02-22 20:17:08] (03741)->[AsicCalcCacheThread]: blockNum:[962580] [2020-02-22 20:17:08] (03743)->[AsicCalcCacheThread]: Full Size:[e3fffd80] [2020-02-22 20:17:08]...
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    VPN for cryptocurrencies?

    I looked up surfshark and they claim to have a strict no-log policy, if it's true then it could pass as a good privacy protector. You could check out customer reviews for any other possible risk VPNs that keep logs of user's activity poses a huge risk as that data could be leaked, or coerced out...