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    Where is a trading bot comprasion thread?

    Do We have a maintained list of trading bots in the forum? It would be advantageous to see what the available trading bots are: what are the open-source solutions, what are the premium solutions, what extra features do premium solutions provide and so on.
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    Can you secure a sidechain with it's main chain? EDIT: Ardor does this.

    Hey so I am researching sidechains, I see how useful they can be for new coins that want to remain independent but still draw power from an already established network, but one problem I saw is that "Sidechains are responsible for securing their own network". Does this mean that it's impossible...
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    Why signing same message with same private key is yielding different signatures?

    Private Key (WIF): Kyi31gE1dprUuRANxxa8CVBFnDjcUQAsMo5U7ZA8JHCgpsphuWi4 Message to Sign: Sample message to sign Signature 1: HxQn9USB+UEmGyaWz9MAboy3AswGiD6grQ/h1jUyB7IEBG3VbIKwevFu8keOTkvCKOpNbe24PJyuRqfbNqLtmNM= Signature 2...
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    Bitcoin is a new investment

    Bitcoin is one of the strong cryptocurrency and it is the most stable digital coin nowadays. Also, bitcoin is one of the promising investment in digital world. Since, peoples economy nowadays are unstable due to the pandimic situation in the world. Peoples are looking for new source of income to...