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    Why nodes need to maintain full list of blocks?

    I mean, why Bitcoin nodes keep all the data of all blocks, back to the genesis block? The majority of this information is not required for processing new blocks and may be ignored. Well, some statistical resources should still keep it, but to run a node it's possible to just delete the majority...
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    The Original Bitcoin Holder! HoDL HoDL HoDL

    From out very own forums. Sir where ever you are, my hat off to you. You certainly are a legend among men here! An added bonus the guy who coined the original term HoDL.
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    Bitcoin for salary

    I don't have lot knowledge about different things about legalities or some government things. I am become curious about paying an employee using Bitcoin direct to it's Bitcoin wallet. Like these days, some of our salary are paid in different method, some are being deposit on some bank accounts...
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    Less Volatile Coins

    They are not investments. Those stable coins means nothing as an investment if that's what you're thinking. There is no risk and volatility with those coins as if you're just holding a plain cash such as USD.