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    Trading, gambling and binary options. Which one you prefer?

    Trading any time, any day for me. I have never tried Binary Options since it looks far more like gambling. Honestly gambling is purely meant for entertainment. Trying to use it for profiting will only lead to bad side effects such as depression and gambling addiction.
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    Trading using someone else's funds

    Also, do you really believe that someone would easily throw up some bucks for him to handle out trades for other people? No one on this forum will surely consider it out specially a self-proclaimed one without even minding on showing of his statistics or profit percentage on his trading account...
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    Toasters to Mine Bitcoins

    Refrigerators have been on the internet for the last 3 years, go to a bestbuy they all have twitter access (AND NO I'M NOT KIDDING)
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    Doing a paper on bitcoin mining. Would you mind answering some questions? :)

    Filled out the form. Hope my answers were helpful. Good luck!
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    ASIC vendors who sell with reputable escrow?

    I'm willing to entertain different scenarios where difficulty would be 5%, 7%, and 15% with these deals. Unfortunately, the math doesn't show an expected return even with these new levels of difficulty. Lets take this deal as an example -...
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    Rockminer shortage

    friendly advice, buy some btc and hold on them. there is no mining equipment worth of buying. with that money you can buy way more btc than any miner on the market can mine you in his lifetime. I have certain amount of btc and by trading on bitstamp (sell high, buy low) I am earning in a month...
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    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    After seeing the B10 price I was sooooo happy I got in on B9 at the last literal second. It sucks the price of btc is so low and that's why the price is so high for equipment. But the price of btc is going the right direction so hopefully we will go back to normal here soon.
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    Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )

    Pics, or it did not happen !
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    Why is bitcoin so unstable?

    Gold is not stable. It's just low volatility. Bitcoin volatility is indeed high. Altcoins' is even higher. Why? This is a difficult question. It is a combination of multiple "problems": - Bitcoin is still young - the market is not properly regulated - the exchanges don't report correctly the...
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    I bought 30 grand usd worth of P106 and hosted them in China!

    No, you wrong about that, 380 is just the beginning, price will keep going up because of the fork to eth 2.0. Price will not crash at this time, bull prediction is 950 usd at moment, reason i told that if you have invested on eth and not mining, you might have got your money back in days, not...
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    3080s for mining... Doh, might be like gen 1 1070s that kept burning out
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    Antminer E3 not mining ETC after new Epoch

    Nice to hear Waiting for ETH
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    VPN for cryptocurrencies?

    It's pretty simple. 1. Don't leave funds unnecessarily on exchanges; only leave funds that you are actively trading. 2. Use the reputable exchanges for potentially lower probabilities of the exchange getting breached. 3. Use TOTP 2FA. As for accounts in general? 1. Use a reputable open-source...
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    Bitcoin for thesis?

    good idea, I think it's a good way to introduce bitcoin to those who do not know, your professors and your friends. very interesting also if studied more about bitcoin and crypto, and better if economics majors that discuss about bitcoin.
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    where to find a guide for writing a mining software

    I would suggest you pick up the source to an existing one and try to increase it's performance by working it's code. I do this with other code in my line of work all the time. There are plenty of open source mining softwares on the internets.