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    Why there is no Bitcoin Core build for windows 32 bit?

    There are only 64 bit builds for windows. Why there are no 32 bit builds?
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    Other people who worked hard to build Bitcoins indirectly

    We often say that the inventor of Bitcoins is Mr.Satoshi but if you are interested in the people who did helped him build the concept {indirectly} read on : Back in 2009 when Bitcoins was invented Mr. Satoshi Solved one Problem that was indeed difficult. In digital decentralized currencies it...
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    Encrypt a message using Bitcoin Public Key and decrypt with private key?Like PGP

    And it's already posted up there. Clue: #2nd post!
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    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    It looks like either your hardware or Internet connection is at fault. While your node is synchronising, CPU verifies each block one by one. Also, upgrading to an SSD makes a difference in the sync time. Even a Raspberry Pi should be able to finish it in just a few days. How many nodes are you...
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    How to export entire bitcoin blockchain into database

    Most people don't have 256GB+ of RAM, so load it into Pandas isn't realistic option, unless you bother partially load it (based on amount of RAM you have) and combine analysis result of each partially load data.
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    Thoughts on new ATH

    One of the good things that happened to this industry, during this pandemic digital money has been very useful including crypto. This really be the big turning point, if more adoptions will take place we will see higher chance to achieved new ATH For this one, though there's also reflections...
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    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    No. people have been using digital form of payment for a long time now even without COVID-19 pandemic. in fact usage of physical cash has been very little in most places in the world. with the pandemic they may have moved more towards digital payments but not towards bitcoin and decentralized...
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    SERUM Prediction This currency has not yet reached peak price. What is your prediction? When will the price reach the highest value? Is it potential?
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    Highly educated scammer hate bitcoin!

    Highly educated scammer hate bitcoin My friend is a very intelligent person, he was award national scholarship, get flying colour in national higher education examination (SAT equivalent), graduate the post scholar with first class honour(highest achievement in academic) in medicine specialist...
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    Any Old timers around?

    So I have an idea that I believe will bring both large businesses and people to bitcoin and crypto. How does one discuss such a thing with out loosing said idea?
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    How to create Lightning Network Channel- TestNet

    I have received a small amount of testnet BTC for testing Lightning Network. I'm using Eclair to figure out how LN works. How can I create a channel. I guess for testnet, the node are different. I have tried with a main net node which says "Can't create channel". My balance is ~0.002 BTC. Would...
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    Questions about cooling and airflow for a 10TH setup

    Okay, so I finally made it down to Venezuela to start a small mine. Now that I am here on the ground I am working with my contacts to setup the infrastructure. My initial plan was to use the 60,000 btu AC system to cool the space and not vent any heat outside. Now that I see the setup, it...
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    Effects of Forcing Miners to Fill Full Blocks

    I was wondering if Miners are forced to fill full blocks or almost full block (according current block limit of 1MB) in bitcoin network (assuming that they all are honest enough to do so), what will be its effect on bitcoin network and transaction throughput? Which aspects I am missing on, that...
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    4 US Congressman wrote to IRS to ease tax on POS rewards

    The four congressman are: Here is the complete letter they sent to Commissioner Rettig. Will this encourage more investors to get on-board if the IRS will somewhat heed this call?
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    Collection of 18.509 found and used Brainwallets

    Very interesting data, and proof that we are inherently awful at privacy. I think my personal favorite is number 72, "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood", which has held over 500 BTC. You've missed a decimal point at entry 266 - it currently says it has held...