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  1. Matthew and Bitfinex announce trading competition and catalyst sale

    The and Bitfinex trading competition is under way 🚀 Find out how you can be in with a chance of winning up to 40,000 FET 💸 Shortly after the trading competition has...
  2. Matthew

    bitcoin dont pay our billls we need passive income

    btc is not good to pay our bills., we need new way of passive income goverments should start giving out universal income there is need for passive income who will vote for that?=
  3. Matthew

    New buildout with buysolar has entered stage 2.

    Buysolar and I have been mining together since 2014 He built a solar array back in 2016 and we caught the big runup in fall of 2017 very well So we have been trying to find locations to build a new array. We now have a spot that will have 1000 300 watt panels that is a...