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  1. Yahya

    Art sold for less than 1c on LN

    I saw the Black Swan art piece was sold yesterday by Cryptograffiti on LN for $0.000000037. Firstly super cool piece made from a 1 dollar bill. Secondly this is one of the best real world examples of micro payments in Bitcoin I've seen. Highly recommended to check it out blog post about the...
  2. Yahya

    Where can I learn Technical Analysis to Cryptocurrencies?

    Hello there, I want to learn about Technical Analysis. Can you recommend some online courses and books? Many thanks.
  3. Yahya

    Recovery failure Coldcard legacy adress. Lost coins?

    Hi guys! I have a problem and have no clue what to do to solve this... I exported my wallet from my coldcard to micro SD by selecting: Electrum -> native Segwitt. Instead of creating a watch only wallet by uploading the file, I've copy pasted the Xpub to create a watch only wallet. Then I...
  4. Yahya

    Bitcoin is a new investment

    Bitcoin is one of the strong cryptocurrency and it is the most stable digital coin nowadays. Also, bitcoin is one of the promising investment in digital world. Since, peoples economy nowadays are unstable due to the pandimic situation in the world. Peoples are looking for new source of income to...
  5. Yahya

    TAKE A TEST — Which cryptocurrency are you? ₿

    What is your spirit coin? Is it BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, or TRX? To find out, take a fun and easy test. Share your result here in the thread. Let’s see if this forum has total domination of Bitcoin or do altcoins have secret fans. Would be also interesting to know if there’s a coin which is common...
  6. Yahya

    JOB — Need someone to add posts to instagram

    Need someones to add posts to Instagram. Paying USD 0.5 per/post added, need 30 posts per/week. This is a long term position.
  7. Yahya

    Defi exch trading vs normal exch trading

    whats the difference b/w normal exch trading & defi exch trading ??
  8. Yahya

    Need around 10 testnet bitcoin for testing, much appreiciated.

    Need around 10 testnet bitcoin for testing, much appreiciated. testnet address : msfZNg3fmWW6ktpWDTih5MmxsuR79z9orR
  9. Yahya

    Food prices doubled this year

    When i have time i go to local market to check prices Vegetable prices doubled Fruit prices doubled Meat prices around 30% increase Grain products around 20% increase ... And my country is a exporter of food products How is it in your country ? Same ? ---------------------- My country is...
  10. Yahya

    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    While I am pretty new to the crypto space. However I have experience in a specific technology sector and I am interested in possibly starting a DeFi project to invest in the sector. The coins would be initially promoted to others in the sector to hopefully start with a base of owners with...