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  1. Artyom

    Cryptocurrency Tax Tool - Free of charge for until ending February

    Hey there, We have been developing the tax tool at Coinlevy for the last year, and finally it is live! The tool is compatible with tax regulations of all Canadian provinces and US states, verified by our partnered CPA firms. It is free to use for all users who sign up until February month...
  2. Artyom

    Bitcoin wallet

    I am running Bitcoin_qt 018.1. windows There is a file named "wallet" but it is not directly readable. How can I see the amount of bitcoins in my wallet?
  3. Artyom

    With great power comes a great electricity bill

    Is there somewhere statistics on Bitcoin miners electricity consumption?
  4. Artyom

    0 sat/byte fee ?

    I am trying to force my node to accept and broadcast 0 fee transactions or 0.1 sat/byte transactions. I set on the config file the following settings but it triggers the node to not start (not accept mintxfee argument as valid) : minrelaytxfee=0 mintxfee=0 I am using the most recent...
  5. Artyom

    Bitcoin's Case As A Hedge Asset Continues To Grow

    I've seen the debate whether bitcoin is a hedge or not on here many times. Investopedia describes a hedge as " A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security". A hedge doesn't...