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  1. Ashton

    Error message on bitcoin core

    Running a bitcoin core 32-bit wallet / node and continually get an error message pop up saying: "Unknown block versions being mined! It's possible unknown rules are in effect." I close the GUI and re boot, update and re synch and it goes away for a few days. Running on Windows 10, Toshiba...
  2. Ashton

    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    Cloud mining is actually a service, much like buying shares in a mining company has very little to do with the actual mining process itself. This means that currently all cloud mining discussion should be going to the service discussion board. However the distinction is blurred due to the...
  3. Ashton

    JSON-RPC step-by-step, help?

    Hello everyone. Is there any step-by-step for JSON-RPC? I have set up the .conf file: server=1 rpcuser=bitcoin rpcpassword=bitcoin but I am completly lost what to do next, how to connect to it etc. Anyone?
  4. Ashton

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Bitcoin has been around for 11 years now, with a large ecosystem of exchanges, wallet providers, and apps behind it. There are now many governments recognizing it as legitimate, bringing a large number of investors into it. For just a short amount of time since its inception, I'd say that...