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  1. Jair

    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    You know if you do this they can ban your game ? You not suppose to buy games cross region. They do check and you can lose the game. Also if say you want Diablo 3 you can get it half price at the Russian region. The problem is it's all in Russian and you can't change the language. So there are...
  2. Jair

    Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?

    There are people who can do this for you. However, you might end up paying high fees. You should go to the currency exchange section and you should find a few people who do this regularly. One example is zazarb, who does the exchange with an added 7% onto the Bitcoin price. If you want good...
  3. Jair

    Where to sell casascius coin?

    I just heard the casascius coin. you get casascius coin from where? it sounds casascius coin less enthusiasts. Hopefully quickly sold.
  4. Jair


    In addition to that, if you really have a plans to put up a trading platform, at least give your customer a better support because most of us are really looking at this at somewhat a measurement if we really want to used your website or not. I also suggest since you have a lot of money, invest...
  5. Jair

    Where to start?

    Sorry my post was nonsense. Actually I just wore the signature for nothing, because i just saw the thread. Im not earning from it. My question was wrong. I just want to know on how to start on signature campaigns. I must have privately message the managers for this
  6. Jair


    I don't know much about the history of africa. But their artifacts I think is the rarest in the world there are stories that untold. Artifacts that kept secret in public maybe they have museums but I think their government will provide the decision about that. And that is hard to know if they...
  7. Jair

    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    Bike sharing and bike stations have become much more prominent in the United States as well. Since this is a very particular market, I think that we would have to wait until Bitcoin is accepted more on a wide-scale basis. When major retailers begin accepting BTC as payment, we can hope that...
  8. Jair

    Is this a safe way to buy a nano s?

    According to public reviews,the product sellers are legit. If you read, you will mostly find positive reviews for this product which indicates no scam issues regarding this hardware wallet. As a further matter, you are still free from their scam attempt because they use paypal payment method and...
  9. Jair

    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    Are you talking about BTC prominer and So they actually pay. I thought that they were a scam site that never really pay. because its just too good to be true. 40 satoshi for everyminute and 0.0006 per day. Maybe i will try that again.
  10. Jair

    Projects you should start, we need!

    I like your ideas. Too many posts about crap, but you are actually giving great ideas to the crypto community. Try to post on Reddit to get more views.
  11. Jair

    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    Then it's similar with Alert System that Bitcoin Core used few years ago & IMO it's good solution for SPV wallet since the real risks are only private key of that address is compromised or the developer gone rogue. It's even better if Electrum Server also can share JSON message to users just in...
  12. Jair

    Purpose of anyone can pay transaction

    Check this article it may be useful for you.
  13. Jair

    Read and convert UTXO to normal view!

    you don't hash a private key to get the public key! you use the elliptic curve's generator point and multiply it by the private key value. and you don't "pull it from UTXO"! the only data that the transactions contain are the signature (ie. R and S value) and the public key and the scriptpubkey...
  14. Jair

    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    i have built dedicated box just for this. cron job every 6 hours, parses new blocks. having + amount addresses, creates new blf and bin file and rotates it . my php script then calculates random int (using my logic) check if its in range . start brainflayer with -I mode using this hex, gets...
  15. Jair

    Number of connections

    Hmm so if i specify maxconnections=1 this means i have 8 OUT and 1 IN correct? But if i query bitcoind (also written in the wiki) it shows this: So where did your 8 come from? I did read in the wiki that, when you can't get incoming connections this goes down to 8.
  16. Jair

    bitcoin transaction: offline relay vs off-chain processing

    I don't get the interest in these "offline" solutions. Off-chain is feasible, like achow said, lightning network transactions & channels are off-chain, only become on-chain once a channel is closed or open. It has its benefits in relaxing the network from a certain amount of transactions. But...
  17. Jair

    Casascius python upgrade

    why are you rounding N? That is not the correct value. I am not really familiar with python but you may need to change sizeof(x) and sizeof(y) here to a hardcoded value '32' instead since x and y can be less than 32 bytes but you must return them with zeros appended. Here is a unit test that...
  18. Jair

    How to manually verify blk*.dat and rev*.dat files?

    Take the binary file editor, open one of the oldest files ( for example blk00005.dat ) and change some data in it. I am quite sure that the bitcoind on your node will not discover any problems. Next time I will ask you to write a small program which intercepts network traffic from your node to...
  19. Jair

    Frozen Storage BIP Lockdown Mode BIP (ETF Fasttrack) (Please VOTE in Poll)

    it should be noted that the file containing list of transactions to cancel in the event of a successful application/court order over property dispute between true owner & attacker can be digitally signed and best security practices etc.. also anti spam can be further improved by only allowing a...
  20. Jair

    Enable support for NODE_GETUTXO

    BIPs are just a publication numbering scheme. They do not indicate that a proposal has been adopted anywhere, or even that it isn't extremely and dangerously broken. BIP64 IIRC had an immediate "take out all nodes" grade vulnerability, so it wasn't adopted by Bitcoin. Allowing random...