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  1. Cooper

    Bitcoin system diagrams

    I've been studying bitcoin architecture and even though I'm a developer, I am a visual person. I've been looking for the data and control flow diagrams for entire bitcoin system but have not found them. There are many diagram that show some portions such as Merkle tree, block composition, but...
  2. Cooper

    Bitcoin is now the 6th largest world currency

    Circulating Supply USD - $1.5 Trillion EUR - $1.38 Trillion CNY - $1.15 Trillion (8 Trillion CNY Units) JPY - $1 Trillion (106 Trillion JPY Units) INR - $425 Billion (31 Trillion INR Units) BTC - $216.5 Billion (18.48 Million Units at value of $11722) This data has been made in comparison...