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  1. Stone

    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    Problem is that it is hard to change your steam's IP. There are terms and conditions for this and you need to prove to them that you did move countries and not just a temporary visit to it. Unless you want a steam account per country/game then this is viable
  2. Stone

    Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?

    A friend of mine buys bitcoins at Paxful using OKpay. He seems to be doing fine
  3. Stone


    you're pretty right, I need smarter people!
  4. Stone

    Where to start?

    one thing that you should do is find many knowledge or information about the bitcoin. Because it is the primary capital for you to do all the things that are profitable, one of which is an investment in ICO and also follow a signature campaign or any other. But all of that can only be done if...
  5. Stone

    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    Thank you guys for your replies....He is young person-35 years old and has leukemia...His family must collect around 100k euros...
  6. Stone

    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    Bike sharing would be ideal to spend bitcoins on. Get a security deposit that can't be refunded. Perfect. I think the same should go for hotels, car sharing, etc. This wouldn't work at all where I'm from, but if you apply this to car sharing then absolutely!!
  7. Stone

    (Gauging Interest)"lowkey" stylish bitcoin apparel

    Thanks! We've tried lowercase as well, but we didn't post them. They'll probably also be for sale for our fall release! We plan to ship worldwide but that might not happen due to the enormous shipping fees. We'll most definitely ship to the EU though, I'm assuming there will be a good amount of...
  8. Stone

    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    It is also possible that these "res-sellers" have direct links with Bitmain and are doing this with their blessings. I have serious doubt about Bitmain not knowing and are actually supportive of these people
  9. Stone

    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    I wont waste my time with this type of websites. Because its obvious, who on Earth will give you free money? Unless you'll do something like upgrading an account or anything the same. Be cautious and aware of these sites.
  10. Stone

    Projects you should start, we need!

    I don't know about Africa but another country off the top of my head, Armenia. $100 pays your bills and enough to get by. There are certain countries you can live comfortably as the price of living is quite cheap.
  11. Stone

    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    If this is implemented PLEASE add an option to disable it. This is only needed with insecure OSes that can't keep its programs updated.., its more nags to get out of the way, part of the bad habit certain OS users get into (so many nag windows they want out of the way without reading). The same...
  12. Stone

    Purpose of anyone can pay transaction

    You are welcome. To handle your friend's use case, I'm proposing a new opcode SIGHASH_INPUT which locks an input to another input (its SIGHASH part), once used this opcode requires the input (being signed properly) to be part of a transaction that includes another input with specified SIGHASH...
  13. Stone

    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    sleep: missing operand For what is here "sleep" ?
  14. Stone

    Number of connections

    8 in, 8 out The answer is 1 post before your first post in this thread (quoted from the link)
  15. Stone

    Need An advice to learn Blockchain.

    Start from reading the bible Then you if you have questions: 1. Google search; 2. Create self-moderated thread on local board, with the title "Whitepaper discussion," then ask there; 3. If your questions are not that "lazy," we will help you
  16. Stone

    How to Generate a signed BTC transaction using Electrum and Trezor

    It looks like you have misunderstood me. I am not talking about using multiple TREZOR devices to sign a transaction. TREZOR allows you to create separate accounts which have a different Public Key derived from your Master Public Key. This increases your privacy since it helps you not to mix...
  17. Stone

    How to manually verify blk*.dat and rev*.dat files?

    Out of curiosity, I just executed Code: [email protected]:~$ bitcoin-cli verifychain 1 10000 true [email protected]:~$ And the result Code: 2019-02-20T22:24:01Z Verifying last 10000 blocks at level 1 2019-02-20T22:24:01Z...
  18. Stone

    Frozen Storage BIP Lockdown Mode BIP (ETF Fasttrack) (Please VOTE in Poll)

    it should also be noted that the resolution process could be made easier by an AI that detects if applicant is human, has proof of keys & some other form of proof of ownership (blockchain history of transfer to frozen storage address & proof of purchase, proof of mining reward etc, proof of...
  19. Stone

    Enable support for NODE_GETUTXO

    Actually I digged a little bit more and found that I was not accurate (I edited the first sentence of my last comment). Here is the workflow in init.cpp : By default bitcoin-core indicates NODE_NETWORK and NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED...
  20. Stone

    Lightning network : what about receiving payments ?

    The Lightning Network consists only of bi-directional payment channels. The problem with receiving payments is that you can't receive if there is not enough space in your channel. Also, currently, only one party can fund a channel. Dual-funded channels are not available, yet