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  1. Nathaniel

    An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (10054)

    Hi Running Bticoin 18.1 with Electrum Personal Server. I have "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (10054)" in the debug file. Not sure what this means are how best to fix. ---------snip--------- 2019-08-22T23:46:35Z UpdateTip: new...
  2. Nathaniel

    End of an Era

    Btcguild planning to shut down by January 31, 2015. Wow, is it really the mining farms getting on the bitcoin economy? What started out as P2P now getting converted to B2C. Now, the regulations will come in place slowly.
  3. Nathaniel

    UTXO-based blocks

    What do you think about creating UTXO-based blocks? I mean, instead of including single transactions, having a block format like this: output (base-58 160-bit hash or anything else accepted by current protocol) + amount of unspent coins + rest needed info...; next output, next amount, etc...
  4. Nathaniel

    The Rise of Bitcoin

    We can see the new surge of bitcoin in crypto market . It exceed $10K again and I believe many are earning now especially those with holding during the downtrend of bitcoin. But,to what extent bitcoin will raise more today? Do you think ,what happened last 2018 will happen again this coming...
  5. Nathaniel

    Police Arrest

    Information reaching out by a local news outlet RNS, state that a former chief of Russia post local branch has been arrested by the Russia police on suspicion of running a crypto mining farm inside the office for almost six months. During the period of his mining the federal service of...