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  1. Ephraim

    Anti-pool algorithm PoW

    According to Bitcoin whitepaper, Blockchain technology was originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto as a decentralized solution based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. Users of the system can make safe payments in an untrusted environment without the possibility of censoring transactions by third...
  2. Ephraim

    Anyone in the Bitcoin ATM business?

    How is going? Seems like machines continued fast growth during Covid... has it been a good year for the BATM owners?
  3. Ephraim

    Is it possible to generate every address from one seed

    Is it possible to calculate (theoretically) , how many common addresses could derive from the seeds? If there are 2048^12 different seed combinations (in 12-word BIP39) and each has 2^256 keys then we have 6.3X10^116 different addresses. We have altogether in Bitcoin 2^160=1,46x10^48 different...
  4. Ephraim

    How to export entire bitcoin blockchain into database

    I'm pretty sure you can use the api from to get a copy of the blocks in csv (but it might not have native segwit transactions). There was a user here who was doing data dumps recently you might want to do a Google search for it. It's worth noting you're not going to be able to...
  5. Ephraim

    Thoughts on new ATH

    So what is your thoughts about a sudden price surge? Is it the whales pouring massive amount of money to Btc or was It an overwhelming number of adoption? Nevertheless, the slow rise seems a good motion to avoid anxiety in selling your Btc, than a sudden rise that leads to quick selling...
  6. Ephraim

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    Even before the pandemic, doing cashless transactions is highly encouraged. So to rephrase your statement, towards "digital payments" and not "digital currency". With or without pandemic, expect that the volume of digital payment will increase time by time. But unfortunately, it doesn't mean...
  7. Ephraim

    Speculation - Phore (PHR)

    Let's discuss the strategy of buying, preserving and trading such a wonderful coin as Phore (PHR) As we see that the community is very active and actively involved in the development of the project, and this ensures that the project will...
  8. Ephraim

    Bitcoin vs. Gold: which has been more of a safe-haven asset in 2020?

    with barely 6 months into the year, 2020 has been dramatic and very eventful with the stock market slump, march 12 Bitcoin sell-off, oil price trading in the negative, etc. From the investment perspective, taking YTD Bitcoin and Gold performance amidst this ongoing pandemic which asset has...
  9. Ephraim

    How can I add 'Bitcoin Payment Gateway' on my website?

    I am logging on the forum after very long time. Happy to see that Bitcoin is still going strong and have strong community behind it. Anyways, I am currently building a project which requires an option through which users can deposit bitcoins to their account. It is somewhat similar to option...
  10. Ephraim

    Bitcoin Core

    Hello dear Bitcoiners community! I would like to ask something that maybe someone of you know about... Let's say that 5 years ago you downloaded Bitcoin Core, you have had a password( passphrase) for unlock your wallet and like that you could see you privatekey with dumprivkey "publickey"...
  11. Ephraim

    Bitcoin Mine Cooling Options - What are my choices?

    Miners, I am starting a series of articles shedding light into some of the challenges we have faced running large Bitcoin mines. I am trying to publish 3 a week until I run out of subjects. Here is my latest, hope you enjoy. Link...
  12. Ephraim

    Architecture and code for retrieving Wallet Address balance and transactions

    Hello, I am trying to build a simple app that retrieve Bitcoin balance, transactions and fee for a given Public Wallet Address... for example, if we get the following Address: 1GB2CgZ9a4yXFaaN2YfmTKuhZbomkpUfbH api woudl give me exactly what I need with two API calls: - Balance...
  13. Ephraim

    LBCOIN? CBDC? Are these really helping to promote mass cryptocurrency adoption?

    I read in today’s news that Lithuania’s Central Bank will soon launch its state-backed cryptocurrency called LBCOIN in the wake of the pandemic, which we all know is hurting the global economy so bad. They said that this is meant to encourage people to turn to cashless payments. The trial of...
  14. Ephraim

    If only we had a crypto version of Ebay that could save us the hindrance of fee

    If you had some crypto Ebay you would still have to pay blockchain fees and that can go very high during congestion time, both for Bitcoin and other popular coins. One more thing that would not work is to way to refund payments and return products, and that is something we see in ebay everyday...
  15. Ephraim

    How do you determine if an altcoin is worth investing in?

    A lot of people have been burned by founders running away with with ICO money. It tarnishes the reputation of cryptocurrencies and I believe we should help educate new investors as soon as possible. Can anyone share a checklist of the things they look for to determine if a coin is worth...