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  1. Ivan

    Recover BSV sent to a BTC address

    Hello. I sent BSV on my BTC address by hurrying (yes, it's clever ...) and I would like to know how to recover (if it is possible). I thought when putting my private key BTC in a wallet BSV I could get them but it did not work so .... If anyone knows how to do that, it'll be nice ...
  2. Ivan

    Can i mine with Android ?

    Hey guys . Is there any apk in which i can mine bitcoins in android ? If yes then does i need powerful telephone for this ?
  3. Ivan

    Is it possible to generate every address from one seed

    Just came to know that a wallet is capable to generate a lot more address than 20 or 30. I would like to know is there a limit to how many bitcoin public keys be generated using one seed phrase. Is it unlimited? If it's not limited then this would mean that wallets with different seeds would...
  4. Ivan

    1.1 BTC Puzzle by Phemex Details: First Official of Hints ( 1. The first 21-digit prime found in consecutive digits...