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  1. William

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cheaper

    All traders want to always buy Bitcoin at a price cheaper than the market price. Apart from buying and selling on the ordinary, centralized crypto asset exchange, there is another option, namely a peer-to-peer exchange. In this exchange, asset prices are not “regulated” by the exchange manager...
  2. William

    [btc] need hlp for solo mining

    hi there i bin bit coin mining for around 1 year and have 15 s3& 2 s5 antmininers runing. i now want to try my luck in solo mining. But i don't know how to set up my bfg miner and my bit core for this. if any one can hlp me or if ty can email me info at [email protected] on how to set...
  3. William

    How to get pubkeys for many adresses ? Script or util needed.

    I have a 200 BTC addresses and I need Public key for this addressees, can you help me with a link for code or utility for doing this ? Br
  4. William

    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    $BNB the ONLY coin where you can invest in the exchange. This will be a top coin for chinese/international traders. Eventually it will only be 100M supply.
  5. William

    Looking for partners, creative writers, members who know a lot about Ethereum.

    Hello there and thanks in-advance for reading this! I am kind of new here but have been a lurker for years but never thought of registering until now has I wanted to do something of my own, you can call me Ricki or Rick by the way! Today I have started a new project I will be working on closely...
  6. William

    bitextrum exchange?

    I was scammed by this site when I searched before for reviews I could not see anything but site seems like legit so totally I lost 0.05 btc
  7. William

    We are looking for a smart contract developer

    The project contacted me years ago, very shaddy, money goes to the top as always. They are draining people hours..
  8. William

    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    Some existing projects offer "grants" if you use their blockchain rather than directly using Ethereum. Cosmos and Polkadot are two blockchains that have such a grant setup. You can find more on their information channels. Also, Yearn is the strongest player in DeFi space. They too have a grant...
  9. William

    Internet shutdowns by governments are bad for corporate marketing

    Loss of Internet isn't really good for citizens or companies alike. And yeah corporations might be affected if they have to export stuff too and the shutdown lasts a while? Unless things are verbally arranged with freight and Air operators. I think reducing Internet everywhere (including...
  10. William

    Would you lend your cryptocurrencies?

    It depends on you on what is the level of risk you can able to handle but in my case then i never intended to use up these platforms for them to handle out my coins just for aiming to have some small percentage interest per annum. If you are bored on handling out your own funds with your own...
  11. William


    Hello, I like to make a point where if you don't notice one of the POWER of BTC is the way to move money around also from different Currencies I don't see very active way to create a exchange between other nations we have to develop more FOREX EXCHANGE. The big advantage of BTC is there is not...
  12. William

    Miners: What kind of fee information do you see on our transactions?

    Hi there miners. I asked myself this question after some personal confusion (now cleared up) on fee estimations on Bitcoin transactions. Using a SegWit capable blockexplorer like Blockchair, I see that my transactions have three different fee calculations: per kB, per kWu and per kVB. A non-SW...