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  1. Stone

    "The Finders" A Finders Fee Group

    This is a new group for people offering "FINDERS FEES". What this entails is.. Here is an example- Timmy wants to sell his Bitcoin.Timmy puts a 5% "FINDERS FEE" to anyone who can find Timmy a buyer for his Bitcoin. Please post applicable messages only here. Thanks again.
  2. Stone

    Tips for good trading

    I have seen many questions about how they are going to be a professional trader, so I just wanna share my experience, I am not a professional trader but I just wanna share some of my experiences and way of thinking in trading. 1. Trade at your own risk - You should know that investing, gambling...
  3. Stone

    Bitcoins sent, but no receipt at destination

    Hi folks, sorry for maybe asking stupid questions, but I spent some time looking for an answer to my problem, but really couldn't find any clear answer. I have made a transaction that has been confirmed to have been successfully carried out. The recipient however claims, he did not receive any...
  4. Stone

    Why do people avoid bitcoin?

    I do notice that some people naturally don’t allow bitcoin in any of their daily transactions even when it faster and easier, they still don’t prefer using it, I have noticed this a lot, Some classes of human,Sometimes when they are to receive money from another country like international...
  5. Stone

    Paranoid questions about creating addresses

    I'm using electrum. I want to create hundreds of addresses, but because I'm a little paranoid I don't know how I will do it safely. I have already generated addresses but I'm thinking for buying bitcoins on the long-term. 1) Why does verification of electrum proves electrum won't generate...
  6. Stone

    Private Key lost one character

    Hi, I wrote my private key on the paper, and i tried to retrieve the btc from the address recently, but found my private key only contain 50 characters! It is my mistake when record down the private key!! The private key format is WIF without any compressed, base58, start with "5". I've 50...