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  1. King

    Mined Block Calculation | Mining Difficulty

    As per my understanding the block mining difficulty is adjusted based on the number of blocks mined in the last 14 days(i.e., last 2016 blocks). If every 10 mins a block is easily mined then the difficulty increases and if it is taking more than 10 min to mine a block then the difficulty is...
  2. King

    Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )

    Hi, Woke up this morning to the fire alarm and couldn't understand what it was :/ When i then walked downstairs to my miners black smoke came out from the door. Lost ~15 BTC worth of mining hardware and have to restore the room again. Those cubes are not safe at all !!! the funny thing is that...
  3. King


    Bitcoin needs to significantly reduce blockchain bloat by having miners generate new genesis blocks every once in a while- say every 1,000 blocks, about once a week. A new genesis block needs to contain a 2nd coinbase tx that consolidates all previous coinbase txs since the previous genesis...
  4. King

    "Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    When Stephen Wolfram is asked, in a recent youtube live stream about [timestamp: 40m16s] "How much of Science has kept secret either classified by the military or waiting for monetization inside private research labs?" he gives a five minutes answer and at the end of his answer [timestamp: 44m]...