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  1. Carson

    DEX : what features you want in it

    Lack of abuse. The project just can be paid or doing a small airdrop task for all his community to listed their token on the exchange, so not a good option. IMO we don't need a lot feature on DEX, what we need from DEX is when we have full control of your asset comparing centralized exchange...
  2. Carson

    Your strategy in taking profit

    1. Any coin/token that can give me profit, I’ll take it. 2. Stable coin usually pumps in the long run, so if you do play long start looking for good project and know your selling poiny. 3. I don’t personally pay the taxes, the exchanges works for that one and we are not force to declare crypto...
  3. Carson

    Difference Stock Trading and BTC trading

    If you're trading, the difference isn't much and if you have been trading stocks and you're an expert in it you will definitely understand how to trade cryptocurrency easily. When it comes to general differences and similarities, there are a few things that differentiates them all, but these...
  4. Carson

    FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform

    I tried their leverage bull and bear token on bitmarx I was using binance before it was removed. The truth is that it makes you choose easily between bull and bear market but the drawback is also there
  5. Carson

    Can i start forex with no risk of money?

    The least risky way of earning an income is really getting a job - and even then you risk unemployment if you aren't good enough for the position you're taking. Anyone who believes you can get anything without a risk is silly. Even purchasing socks comes with risks; if you are not able to take...
  6. Carson

    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    This answer is just too simplified, bots can do better trades than humans in some cases, as they are not driven by emotions like us. All depends on the way the bot is programmed and the way you set up the parameters. You should definitely know how to configure your bot according to the current...
  7. Carson

    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    It's pretty much a gamble, especially when you know little to nothing concerning trading. You can win big money, you can lose big money. If I were to risk my money through gambling, I'd much rather go to a casino as at least I'd enjoy my time even if I lose some of my money
  8. Carson

    best trading sites?

    My top exchange sites. Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance and Liqui. I do have hold coins from them.
  9. Carson

    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    Trading needs time, not everyone has the time to check the market prices every day, to do TA, FA, etc. Another thing is not everyone has the skills to do it, nor has patience, and may easily fall into a panic selling or to listen to the pseudo-experts we can see here and there. If anyone's new...
  10. Carson

    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    That is actually what I was thinking here, why compare Binance and Bittrex now? Binance has come a long way already and by just looking at the trading volume, BNB is already very far. Got the figures from coingecko not from CMC. So it is very clear that Binance is leading among crypto exchanges...
  11. Carson

    Coin Shilling Question

    Yes it is especiallt if the project is heavily shilled by big community and famous shillers with lots of subscribers. If you knew bitboy and chico on youtube, once they discuss a new project the price went skyrocket anf this is proven when you observed the token value. But that is not the case...
  12. Carson

    What actually makes a token pump?

    Besides Bitcoin(BTC), fundamentals doesn't really matter that much in the cryptocurrency space. Basically, which projects pump in price completely depends on how much effort and money they throw at marketing their coin. 🤷‍♂️ ..and this is assuming that certain projects actually has a good...
  13. Carson

    The Cryptospace is getting Worst

    Like their Twitter post, this is a new art of bringing down stupid investors. I can conclude that whenever you buy Rope, you are too late. You buy it=you kill yourself with Rope. One thing to remember is that this time is the post-distribution period for the UNI token airdrop. This is a pump...
  14. Carson

    Ethereum 2.0 delays thread

    No it is not. It would be a failure if they released Eth 2.0 and it won't work or lacked of innovation. Now it is delayed and losts in value over time because nothing happens with Ethereum actually. After halving and PoS nobody will say that Eth 2.0 was a failure
  15. Carson


    If the airdrop asked for payment or any funds needed before claiming the tokens then its a scam. Airdrop means free token for supporting them or any form of promotional. So if you pay to received a coin or token then thats not airdrop and more like an investment since you paid for it. From this...
  16. Carson

    How do you determine if an altcoin is worth investing in?

    Red flags? Moderated ANN Thread. Newbie OP. If you see a lot of deleted post, better leave that thread already. I usually check Scam Accusation board for any ongoing investigation about a certain project, regardless if it is an ICO, IEO, STO, if any. When there ain't single Scam Accusation, I...
  17. Carson

    Where Are You Next 5 Years?

    I watched a video on youtube that there is someone who start trading bitcoin since 2013 ago with the amount of capital was $700 and he still keep the profit and right now the profit has reached one million dollar, how crazy it is. Since seven months ago I decided to be a trader in crypto and at...
  18. Carson

    Fake token on swap platform

    That's the trick that has already used by the scam FLM. Basically, this is an old trick and it's so easy to know whether it's real or fake coins from the smartcontract. The problem is people in these days are too lazy. Did you know about rope? That's a scam coin but people were also pumping it...
  19. Carson

    Never invest in any cryptocurrencies!

    I agree. If the new investors have this on their minds, they shouldn't proceed. Crypto isn't a rich quick scheme or an overnight success that will drive them to their wealthy life. Because of the scam investments, they have provided this definition to the community and even to the newbies
  20. Carson

    Less Volatile Coins

    If you want less volatility, you probably hold USD, but we definitely wouldn't call it "investing". With that said, I'd much prefer BTC, a currency that goes up and down all the time(that can be worth a lot more in the long-term), rather than hold fiat currencies like the USD that's pretty much...