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  1. Arkadi

    We are hiring

    Dear Bitcointalk community, we are working on a project which requires more talented people. Our project did not go public yet as we want to build and prepare it for the public first. For the informational aspect I would like to share that we are building a new concept of an exchange. Please...
  2. Arkadi

    Bitcoin Payment API

    Hello, I have some question regarding accepting Bitcoin payment in my website. Please note the following points: 1. Most of the Bitcoin API provider, I saw they keep generating new address everytime for each new invoices. example coinbase coinpayments etc 2. But most of the stable site, I am...
  3. Arkadi

    Hox many times wait to receive blocks awards???

    In fact when you detect a block before long pool, you win the award block because in debug.log wallet you must having this=> I reapeat before long pool must be written on command line of your's mining software, if it isn't you just increment block!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the wiki we have this: The...
  4. Arkadi

    Just an Idea - Buy/Sell Contract

    I was think about a good feature that centralized payment systems have, wich is to revert transactions and block some account. Let me explain, it is good for discourage scammers and protect the client, because the scammer won't profit and eventualy will be blocked. Payment using Bitcoin doesn't...
  5. Arkadi

    What difficulty do you face on trading bitcoin?

    I'm a citizen of a country where bitcoin is illegal and there's no good way of trading bitcoin in legal way and secured way. I have been trading through the community I have built within these years but sometimes I got difficulty selling bitcoin, not much although. If you are from a country...