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  1. Dhruv

    Armadillo in RSK: placing merge-mining security on par with Bitcoin mining

    Recently RSK (the first merge-mined Bitcoin sidechain) hard-forked to add a feature to increase the security of merge-mining. The new security protection, called Armadillo, is quite simple to understand. The idea is to add to the RSK merge-mining tags additional information that enable the...
  2. Dhruv

    Bitcoin (or others) for the Adult Industry?

    Hi, everyone. I'm Cali Reign, a new, or I guess long absent returning member of BitcoinTalk. Active, in the adult entertainment industry. I was actually really shocked to see this forum still so active. I was a participant in GirlsGoneBitcoin, long, long, long ago. In the before for times, and...
  3. Dhruv

    Trading, gambling and binary options. Which one you prefer?

    I have a similar experience like you but I haven't had experience with Binary options trading. I've known about it for years but I didn't just like it. I also like the fact that you're honest with your experiences. Most people usually sugarcoat it. For trading, I learnt how to trade via Babypips...
  4. Dhruv

    Trading using someone else's funds

    There is nothing wrong with trading with trading with other peoples funds; the reality is that are you professional enough to make profits and pay the legally documented roi such terms demand ? If someone elses money you mention is borrowing; then it is a wrong motive as you cannot borrow to...
  5. Dhruv

    Toasters to Mine Bitcoins

    Of course. You have it smack on. They'll just steal your power, and risk ruining your machines.
  6. Dhruv

    Fire hazard and bitcoin mining at home

    Just to clarify, those aren't high voltage. You can call them high wattage, or amperage.
  7. Dhruv

    ASIC vendors who sell with reputable escrow?

    I'd recommend contacting bitmain directly and see if you can negotiate a contract. I'm sure they'd be receptive towards a legitimate deal.
  8. Dhruv

    Need help in starting mining

    Start here and *REALLY* research!
  9. Dhruv

    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    S3 B1 was 0.75BTC each. On release date, BTC was $620, so each S3 was $465. Total cost for 2 was $930. S3 B5 was 0.68BTC each. On release date, BTC was $585, so each S3 was $397.80. Total cost for 2 was $795.60. S3+ B10 is 0.572BTC each. At $400, that's $228.80 each, so $457.60. Shipped...
  10. Dhruv

    Hash rate chart surrounding Nov 2012 Halving? ?
  11. Dhruv

    Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )

    now everything is in the trash!!! could save some cube blades and a single cube!!! have to test them thought!!
  12. Dhruv

    New NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30 series GPUs

    I've jotted down some quick napkin math. Hashrate isn't necessarily perfectly linear to total memory bandwidth, but it is a somewhat reasonable analogue to give round numbers. RTX 3090* ~935-1008 GBps RTX 3080* 760 GBps RX 5700 XT - 480 GBps - 58 mh/s (eth) RTX 2080ti - 616 GBps - 52 mh/s...
  13. Dhruv

    What are options to mine a profitable crypto on my computer.

    It's a great thread to learn about mining. What I came to know is that mining game is still not over for newbies like me thanks to project like MASS, its still on.
  14. Dhruv

    Bitflate (crypto with inflation) Mining

    So far, there're 2 people mining Bitflate. I have 61.38% of the supply. The other person whom I don't know has 38.62%. We're at 639k coins. In our first year, we're supposed to reach 10 million coins. So we're still very far off. I do not want to own more coins. I will keep my miner down once...
  15. Dhruv

    Post your 5700XT Power consumption mining ETH

    1. Deactivate all you dont need in the Bios 2. Use a T CPU, like G4400T 4560T 3. Use a passive heatsink --> Arctic Alpine 11 / 12 4. Modify the Bios of the GPU and check the set voltage and the in fact voltage. go as low as possible for each card. 5. Go for a NICE supply unit.
  16. Dhruv

    VPN for cryptocurrencies?

    Your money resides on the blockchain network, not anywhere on your device. The Internet is just a tool if you want criminal justice to use the TOR Browser. It will provide you with complete anonymity. If you are using centralized exchanges for exchange then a VPN is completely pointless because...
  17. Dhruv

    Bitcoin for thesis?

    Yes it is possible. In my school one of the groups here their thesis is all about btc Im not sure about the title but their aim is for thesis to be known by many people. They are targeting those people who do not have knowledge in bitcoin. Better try it I suggest you create a new blockchain for...
  18. Dhruv

    where to find a guide for writing a mining software

    Well if you have 4 years spare (to become a semi-pro), you can start learning c++. here's some good books: CPP programming language CPP Networking programming CPP Boost tutorial -- -- CPP bitcoin mining source code
  19. Dhruv

    Electricity backup for antminer's

    just go door to door at your local warehouses and see if anyone is replacing their forklift batteries anytime soon. offer a bit more than scrap value, or less but arrange pickup (or disposal) most employees are just happy they dont gotta operate the machinery to replace or remove these units...
  20. Dhruv

    [btc] need hlp for solo mining

    Here further solo mining pools: - 0% Fee, you GET ALL! - Mine TWO Coins at once